Thursday , June 17 2021

Firearms differences pointed to burns on Burnaby Mountain

Firefighter tries to burn a fire at Burnaby Mountain at Aubrey Street and Pinehurst Drive, close to the Children's Morgan tank fire.

People in the area describe a mass of firetrucks that come in and the skyline light orange from & # 39; blow it. Some residents say the fire is on a nearby device, which is raised by wood.

Residents see flames, smoke and orange shine of a fire in Aubrey Street and Pinehurst Drive in Burnaby B.C. (@ PMSS_Spanish / Twitter)

Amanda Adams said she was re-listening in the area and "a bright orange shimmering sparkle over the villages".

Smoarch can be seen atop a hill on Burnaby Mountains from a fire on Jan 19, 2019. (Amanda Adams)

The Burnaby Fire Department says it responds to a fire in the area, but has no details published on burns or how heavy it is fire.

Holidaymakers responded to the fire, which broke on Saturday December 19, 2019. (Shane MacKichan)

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