Thursday , August 11 2022

Experts dismantled myths related to alcohol withdrawal before driving.


Эксперт развеял мифы, связанные с выводом алкоголя перед вождениемIt is best not to drive with addiction or severe hangover.

Experts think that there are not many ways to fight a hangover.

Think of the most common myth that quickly eliminates hangovers.

Myth # 1. Cold shower. This is a good tonic and oxygenate the brain. However, this method does not help with hangover. It is not possible to bring the residue of alcohol from the blood with cold water. In addition, alcohol swelling and reaction to cold water is dangerous to health.

Myth # 2. Ammonia. Some people think that inhaling or drinking diluted ammonia can lead to a hangover. This is a misunderstanding. In both cases, ammonia does not contribute to chemical reactions that can remove alcohol from the body. It is also dangerous to use ammonia for no direct purpose.

Myth # 3 Coffee. Enhance vigilance and activity with a moderate amount of coffee. However, the combination of alcohol and caffeine minimizes the effects. Drinking coffee during a hangover is not good for your health. There is an extra burden on the heart. This is because the heart lacks oxygen after drinking alcohol.

Myth # 4. Brine. This can be helpful for a hangover. Brine regenerates the human body's lack of water and salt. But he does nothing and has no physiological effect.

Myth # 5 Water. Many people think that drinking large quantities of water during a hangover helps to remove alcohol from the blood. But it is also misleading. Yes, water can help relieve thirst, but we can not expect a hangover effect.

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