Friday , April 23 2021

Europe planner for my month: media – Xinhua

LONDON, JANUARY 23 (Xinhua) – The European Space Agency (ESA) is a plan for my minerals from month to month, Daily Report message Monday.

ESA has rolled out ArianeGroup to develop plans to develop my regolith at month. It hopes to emit water and oxygen from the ear, giving fuel and other materials that are not needed for further research missions, according to the report.

"If ESA and other agencies make it to send people back in a month – this time to stay – techniques you use" "materials that are not available as a sustainability key, and a stepping stone in the human adventure to Mars and beyond in the Solar System, the Daily Daily calls ESA.

Ariane hopes Ariane 64, the four-up version of Ariane 6, to enable this European mission to make the equipment needed for a month's landing, the report said.

The rocket maker works together with the German start-up PTScientists, who delivered the month longer, and added Belgian company Space Applications Services, which will include the ground control features, communication and related service.

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