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Erik Karlsson returns to Ottawa to earn his former teammates

Erik Karlsson gave the room Friday afternoon in a famous territory in & nbsp; the room and wore a great smile.

"The time is now," he said with a laugh.

Saturday, the man who killed the captain of the Ottawa Senator for four seasons, will return to the Canadian Tire Center. It is his first visit since they treated the San Jose Sharks in September.

A 5-3 loss for Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday morning at the Dock, Karlsson and the Sharks came here after the match, had the day of Thursday and were on the ice Friday at the Minto Sports Complex on & # 39; the University of Ottawa.

San Jose Shark Erik Karlsson has hit over a dozen of fans on the # 39; The University of Ottawa was solved to speak to him in front of his former team, the Ottawa Senators, on the Canadian Tire Center on Saturday. He had the jacket on his jacket & # 39; Head to head the head when he got off the bus.

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"We got yesterday, it feels normal," said Karlsson in a small room with reporters. "I'm just home, we're here today, if we've got the CTC, it would be a bit different.

"I feel quite calm, a little objection, and of course it feels a little different. I sleep at home, that's nice."

Of course, Karlsson was one of the last players to step the ice at 2:03 o'clock. and the rest of 'Sharks' Players hit their sticks to be called on his old home.

Karlsson met with a great crowd of local media to talk about what it was about to keep his former teammates. He will come back with a dancing ovation of senators of course in what is expected a soldier's reed.

San Jose Shark Erik Karlsson in # 39; The University of Ottawa athletic provision in the prime of his first to his old team, the Ottawa Senators, at the Canadian Tire Center on Saturday.

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"We all knew that this time came and I wanted to be here," said Karlsson. "It will be nice to be here, and we'll do this. I think it's cool, so we do not come back at least one year.

"Right now, I'm just enjoying this moment, or that's closing or not, I'm not really sure."

When asked if he had traveled, Karlsson quickly said, "No, I had a great time here, I came here as a young boy, and I brought the whole adulterous life here, and made everything I had here for myself and here around the people.

"I did," I said, "I had a great time." "If I'm back, I do not think I'll change anything." She made me tonight and I'm grateful for that. "

This will be a lot like Daniel Alfredsson returning to Ottawa in 2013 with Detroit Red Wings and Karlsson recently rushed to one another. After completing the media, he went to Alfredsson's home Rockcliffe to go to the family.

That's exactly what Alfredsson will once again return to the Wings on December 1, 2013, so it will be five years to do the day.

"I was here when he returned, this is another situation, he was here much longer and at another stage in his career," said Karlsson. "It helped I looked a little from his perspective and how he treated things, it can help me a little.

"I was young, I do not think half of it, that was a special moment for him and I think it will be right now, so he will return the claim."

When the decision was made to deal with Karlsson in September, the organization determined the recent seasons of the commercial directive to begin again. He was offered on July 8, a $ 88 million amount on July 1 and the senators did not get any response from his camp.

San Jose Shark Erik Karlsson exports to the University of Ottawa athletic provision in & # 39; the prince of his first game against his old team, the Ottawa Senators, on the Canadian Tire Center on Saturday. Wayne Cuddington / Postmedia

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Many Karlsson believe in a fresh start.

"I have nothing to compare with the fact that it is difficult to say (about the adjustment). It's as good as it could," said Karlsson. "We have a great team, everyone has really treated well and trying to make it easier or easier.

"At the same time, I tried to keep track of concentration when I can go on the hockey part, which is quite different and it's about to be easier and easier, and I'm present with the following chapter in my life and the experience I get from this. "

Wrong Karlsson in September was not an easy decision for the organization, but the club came to the conclusion that it was time to go over if he did not intend to sign here.

The change of landscapes is not easy for Karlsson. He competed with consistency in the first 15 games in a uniform of San Jose and who took the team to look close to his game began to come. He goes to his all-star shape.

San Jose Shark Erik Karlsson, (R), look here with a laugh with Barclay Goodrow, practicing at Ottawa's athletic sporting fitness facility in & # 39; the front of his first game against his old team, the Ottawa Senators, on the Canadian Tire Center on Saturday.

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Alternatively Captain Mark Stone believes it will not be a tough day for Karlsson.

"Erik was ultimately the best, if not one of the best, to play here," says Stone to the skateboarder of # 39; the club. "For him, he will be very emotional and he is a pretty emotional guy; playing with him for five years begins just quick.

"It will be different to him, and I think everyone is present to come to (play), but they want to get over it."

Yes, Saturday will continue in a block.

"In fact, it's two teams that will play and he is no longer on our team," says Stone. "For (Karlsson) it will be a lot different than it will be for us."

Karlsson said he was not sure how he responded to the audience.

"That's one of the things I know I'm coming and I know it's there and what it's doing at the moment that will be done," Karlsson said. "I will try and enjoy it, I have nothing but great memories and I ask for more.

"(Saturday) afternoon will still be one of these great memories."

Of course he will be lucky if he shuts two points.


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