Thursday , June 17 2021

CRA eyes new, digital secure way to access services

Canada's tax office has quietly tried a new way for Canadians to search for their online accounts that make it easier for the Canadian to access government services and treat tastes.

The new system would also be seen in the private sector as the government and banks look to reduce the chances of identity fraud.

The online security company SecureKey and the CRA have conducted a test five months last year with a surcharge of Verified. These rules and banks can help to share information and let you quickly identify your identity when you visit their sites to log.

The system would also visit a citizen in an administrative service that exists for their identity, even if they forget about the good documents at home.

The service will not appear in & # 39; & # 39; be a time for this year-round care, because both the government and the company work more.

"The purpose of the project was … to prove that we could believe the problem, that we could give citizens information, share their data in a privacy-enhanced way, can get better services and have less fraud "Greg Wolfond, director of SecureKey Technologies, said in a recent interview. "It takes some time and the government has to go over what it wants through its bicycle."

In addition, federal officials are looking at ways to make log-ins more secure to enable fraud if, for example, a second actor has a password and is logged into another war.

Banks are lobbying for a system to link federal and provincial databases that find information like social insurance numbers and representatives of one cyclist, and use that electronic identity to identify with multiple digital reference points.

What the government and company discussed, described in documents that were received by The Canadian Press under federal access-to-information law, fit the model of digital identification with the Canadian Bankers Association Association CEIL Neil Parmenter for an advice this week.

These tests were determined by the CRA and SecureKey to decide as Verified. It can promote the identity of one who logs into a CRA online account by switching into a provincial license database.

Similarly, the tests see if information about the other way can be sent by having the CRA signal counters for a bank for a loan application.

"It causes your batch data that you & # 39; re working with and trusting – like your telco or your bank or government – and lets you share where & # 39; you try to determine, hey, it's real to apply for this loan, or it's really trying to get access to service, "said Wolfond.

Both sides mark the keys as success.

In more recent questions on the thesis, a CRA spokesperson said the government wanted to test the technology because of its "potential for enhancing digital service" and replacing some existing processes – including removing passwords for new CRAs -accounts.

Alexandre Igolkine says the archive still works with the Federal Treasury Board, which shows the rules on controlling government services, or verifies.Me can be used to remove logs and share information between controls and settings for others government services, such as job insurance.

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