Thursday , June 17 2021

Connor McDavid Holds Oilers Slump End Show

EDMONTON – This is the last "best player in the world" remembrance of this town. I remember seeing Connor McDavid one day when I played Habs in Edmonton a few years from now. We all said … "

"Oh, are you really doing it in NHL games now?"

The last quotation comes from McDavid's southpaw McDavid. On Tuesday night he won the championship just because he was too busy catching up with McDavid. Defeat Euler 2.

"When you are not on your line, you see far more things," Caggiula said. "There are times when you say" Are you really doing it now in the NHL game? "When the person plays the game and sees what you say, how do you make it? See? ""

When we think about who we know best about comparing one of Vancouver's great young players to Wayne Gretzky in a single NHL game, McDavid will simply win the Art Ross Trophies and do what Gretzky did once in Edmonton.

Of course, you will not get 215 or 39 goals in the season, but McDavid, who missed out on a four-game defeat, will absolutely dominate the hockey game and guarantee a lost skein. 5.

"It's a great captain and the best player in the world," Caggiula said. "We were riding some slides here and he said, 'No, I'll leave the game in my hands today.

McDavid met again with Leon Draisaitl and scored three assists in a 6-2 victory. He had to give five. He could have had seven chances that McDavid offered Draisaitl a lot of Grade A opportunities and that he could not bring good luck on a big night to zero almost tonight.

"I personally had the most opportunities," Draisaitl said.

McDavid scored two goals with two assists and watched Antti Niemi make three impossible saves. The backup of Habs did not miss the opportunity with much lower risk. "That was a bit like me this season," said Draisaitl, who scored 20 goals in 18 games this season.

McDavid stayed with his team at risk of freefall to continue his game after finishing practice on Monday. Then he took an optional morning skate on Tuesday.

On Tuesday he helped the lucky carom, the first goal of the game at 3:13 mark. McDavid then squeezed Habs defender David Schlemko on the right-wing wall and put his wing down before scoring Draisaitl in the first leg.

"I thought I had the right divide," said Schlemko, a hymn mentioned in this section. "That's why they call him the best in the world, he's a great player, it's a small step, he's gone, and he'll pick you up."

Even tonight, even the players on the opposite bench get hooked on McDavid's game. They are all elite and world class players. And that night, there are better and faster players than the other 36 NHL skaters who came to the link.

"It is never lost to us," said Draisaitl. "To me he is the best player in the world and he is not near, we are very lucky to have him."

Jonathan Drouin of Montreal said, "He is beyond extraordinary talent." He has that speed and holds the puck in the whole game. Tonight, we did not take any action against him and Draisaitl. We can see why we lost 6-2. "

Edmonton scored three goals for goalkeeper Chris Russell, Matt Benning and Darnell Nurse on Tuesday.

And canadians? They stacked the league's top scorer team in the five-to-five match and beat the previous mistakes by building a 9-6-3 mark.

But they threw out 43-29 tonight, but they were praised for the 6-2 count.

"We do not have a show …" Claude Julian of Montreal. "We did not show up, it was a rough night, it was the worst game of the year, we have to sweep it and keep moving."

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