Kansas City Chiefs back Kareem Hunt was involved in a physical agency with a 19-year-old woman earlier this year, and today's supervision was recorded.

According to TMZ Sports, the event was held on February 10 outside the Hunt-Hôtel Chamber in Metropolitan Cleveland. The woman told police that she had her out of # 39; The room left, after they refused to hold one of the other men in his group. Hunt's friends told the police that the woman was gone and she was asked to go and Kareem called the n-word.

As you see in the video below, Hunt hunted the woman in the lobby, and later she was & # 39; the ground.

According to TMZ, police were called to the scene, but no workers were made, to officers saying they could not confirm whether a crime was being used at that time.

Since then, the Chiefs still commented on the NFL about this case, although we expect that change once it's started to change.

Hunt, 23, has all these contacts 14 contacts – seven rumbling and seven over. The Chiefs, 9-2, will copy to AFC on Sunday, June 13th against the Oakland Raiders.