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Casey House seeks stigma to bother with HIV with pop-up spa

Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press

Published Friday 30 November 2018 12:17 EST EST

TORONTO – Randy Davis remembers seeing a social function shortly after he was diagnosed VII and saw when the family visited a guest's success and everyone got a warm amount. But when his trip came, the woman came up and said he had not come close to getting her cold.

"Their benefit not to protect me from their cold," said Davis, who was open about his HIV status. "Yet in the night they are still available to other people."

It was a lesson, as Davis had needed one, from continuous stigmatization of & # 39; People with HIV-AIDS, based on several fruity people who once have been infected by the simple rash action.

And it is a belief that Casey House, a stand-alone Toronto HIV-AIDS hospital, seeks to help with a pop-up spa offering a free massage to the general public that HIV-positive volunteers training on training of the healing of art.

Healing House, on Friday and Saturday (World AIDS Day) in a separate location in Toronto, is aimed at an audience members of the audience in discussions about the myth that struck one hand, reaching out to them White arm or swirling is a great potential for the bike.

With this, the spa is a highlight of the need and the strength of the range.

"It's just between connection between one and the other, and it does not only feel like," said Joanne Simons, director of Casey House, founded in 1988 to care for you with the disease.

"It's the warmth of human skin on skin that makes us much and comfortably safe, safe and loving," she said. "Without that is a very lonely world, I will prevent myself."

Yet, people with HIV transmitted to this experience – a fact that was conducted in a military investigation for Casey House, found that 91% of the Canadians believe that human nature is touched, but 38 percent of & # 39; The respondents, they would simply be to share skin contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with the virus.

While Americans are less likely to reach people with HIV-AIDS (41 percent), more than one fourth of them surveyed in a separate US pollen to comply HIV through skin-to-skin contacts, compared with one-fifth of Canadians.

"That's really hard for the human spirit – and we know that range is so important," said Simons. "That really was the impetus to have a public chat about HIV to try to get the thinking and behavior of people."

Casey House traveled to Melissa Doldron, the registered massage therapist for the Toronto Blue Jays, to learn about 15 HIV-positive volunteers from the grounds of & nbsp; therapy.

Doldron should be a 10-minute hand and forearm massage for members of the audience to take up or take on a stool massage, thereby reducing manipulation of the back, neck, shoulders and shaft.

Massage has many benefits in bodybuilding, stimulates the facial, lymphatic and neurological systems and the delivery of stress relief and stimulating relationship, she said.

"This massage helps both physiologically and psychologically. For those who deal with illness, the benefits are twice as much."

Davis, who works like the male sexual coordinator in Gilbert Center in Barrie, Ont., Where he lives with his husband, believes that touch is essential for everyone, HIV-positive or not.

"I think I was diagnosed first, the first thing that came to my head – and I was one in time – was that I was just for the rest of my life and no one would ever love me, just touch me, or make me, "said Davis, the volunteer was one of the half-hearted at the Casey House event.

"When I was describing my status, many people close to me warmly and provide, but customers, medical professionals and people who were not good at me, obviously, obviously do not make it easy to understand the signs of accident and make excuses . "

Nearly 40 years after the start of one-ever deadly-AIDS epidemic, the fear that someone can only be trapped can be reached. However, for many people, current antiviral medicines can destroy HIV in the body to discoverable levels, which means the highest possible the virus can remove the other, even through sex.

Davis, launched in the beginning of the month of 2015, antivirals, HIV is considered to have a shortage of disease that it easily manages. "I take a pill day and that is it."

His hope for the pop-up spa is that people do not just come to a massage, but also learn about people who live with HIV – "so they can comfortably and feel, knowing what, we are not at risk one. "

"That's for me the big thing, it's not the virus we have to fight, it's the stigma that has to be fought."

The researches of 1.581 canadens and 1,501 Americans were recently finished with Leger's online panel, LegerWeb. Probability samples of the same size would be a margin of error of roughly plus minus 2.5 percent, 19 times from 20.

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