Thursday , October 6 2022

Canadian company seeks Arkansas pilot plant for lithium extraction | Operation


ELDORADO, Ark. – Standard Lithium Ltd. is a Canadian company that plans to extract alkaline underground salt water into battery-grade lithium, testing it at British Columbia's pilot plant, and extracting pilots west of El Dorado in late February. You can start.

Standard, of Vancouver, in partnership with Saltworks Technologies Inc. of Richmond, British Columbia, has completed a factory that tests a proprietary selective crystallization process designed to purify battery-quality lithium from solutions extracted from brine.

If the technology of the pilot plant is successful, it can terminate the refinery extracts from South Arkansas saltwater, which are found to maintain a strong concentration of lithium carbonate in testing of seawater from previously drilled wells and gas wells in South Arkansas lost.

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If a Canadian company, a publicly listed company with a salt lease contract near El Dorado and Magnolia, can prove its vehicle, lithium can be used for everything from cell phones and notebook batteries to electric vehicle systems. Is a valuable element. The ability to purify battery-grade lithium on an industrial scale.

The prototype pilot plant, which is currently commissioned for operation, will begin operation at Saltworks Technologies' Richmond facility. Standard Lithium CEO Robert Mintak said the ultimate goal is to extract lithium from Arkansas and refine it.

He added that the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission has given up the opportunity to demonstrate its processes by running it with the pilot extraction facility abandoned.

"The objective is to prove that we can extract lithium from the selective extraction plan and then produce battery grade materials in Arkansas," Mintak recently told Arkansas Business in a telephone conversation. "The goal is to have all of Arkansas SARS applied by pilot extraction technology in the first half of 2019.

"This plant will probably be moved to Arkansas in late February or early March," Mintak said. The test facility in Richmond is the plant that converts the extracted lithium solution into final cell material. We have developed our own process for crystallizing lithium carbonate and our process can be improved on its own, but we will work with other industry partners who have crystallizers in use around the world, I will test it. "

Ben Sparrow, CEO and chief engineer at Saltworks, said in a statement that if Standard Lithium likes the results of a pilot plant in Canada, "We will provide a fully-powered mobile plant quickly and support Standard Lithium to commercialize this high- I am ready to do it. "

Mintak mentioned Arkansas' regulatory environment and the high mineral density of brine in vast quantities as a factor that led Standard Lithium to Arkansas.

"We had a meeting with the oil and gas committee a week ago and gave a presentation to give up the declaration," Mintak said. "Since the royalty has not yet been set for Arkansas lithium, we have been able to demonstrate that the extraction process is working properly by operating a pilot plant, and then we will study the royalties once we have the data."

Standard Li is traded on the Canadian TSC Venture Exchange SLL trading symbol and the OTCQX symbol STLHF. We are also trading in Europe on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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