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Can freeze 99% of pollutants by freezing air: Scientists


On November 11th, frozen pollutants in London can prevent fatal outbreaks of air pollution, and 3 million people die prematurely each year worldwide.

Nottingham Trent University in England and a team of scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences studied the effects of cryogenic technology on indoor air purification by removing gaseous contaminants and particulates from aerosols.

As the haze circulates through the cocaine air through the cryogenic condenser, the team found that the finer particles adhered to the condenser tube and floated into clean air before falling by gravity.

Their method was able to remove 99 percent of particulates and 98 percent of nitrogen oxide contaminants.

"Dangerous outdoor air pollution has had a profound impact on the indoor air quality that threatens the health of billions of people," said Professor Robert Mortimer, Dean of the Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham.

"Urban outdoor air pollution is becoming a global problem. There are existing technologies that purify indoor air, but they can create inefficient, costly or harmful by-products.

"People tend to spend more time indoors when outdoor air quality is poor, but outdoor pollution also leads to indoor pollution and people are still affected."

According to experiments reported in the journal Science of the Total Environment, circulation of contaminated air through a small freezer has shown that most particulate and gaseous pollutants can be removed.

"Our research has allowed us to add an air cleaner option to home appliances in extremely poor air conditions. By controlling indoor air pollution and improving air quality, It can be a big help, "added Kang Fang, a member of the national team.

The study hopes to open a way to clean contaminated room air by simply modifying the air conditioner and humidifier.

Delhi and the capital city (NCR) have witnessed "very poor" air quality with a minimum temperature of 12.4 degrees.

Air quality and weather forecasts and studies indicate that NCR's air quality was very poor.

The humidity at 8:30 am was 87 percent. The maximum temperature is likely to exceed 28 degrees Celsius.

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