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Calgary councilor accused of # republic of # 39; the city in & # 39; the budget of & nbsp; the budget

Jerome Farkas, councilor Jerome Farkas in parliamentary or councilors prepare for budget settlement in Calgary on Monday, November 26, 2018. Darren Makowichuk / Postmedia

Darren Makowichuk / DARREN MAKOWICHUK / Postmedia

A warm second day of discussions about the proposed four-year municipal budget saw one city administrator codified by his colleagues & # 39; reputation agencies & # 39; to destroy the city.

The discussion began when Counsel. Jeromy Farkas accused his counselors of "the awareness," suggesting that they had "kicked out" while he spoke in a closed talk about employment expectations – a tax rate went off by his college Tuesday.

"If you can play with fire please do not miss your colleagues (why) expect your respect?" Mayor Naheed Nenshi said Tuesday to Farkas tried to open the problem in # 39; the public following in the camera meeting.

"You must be willing to tell the same thing about this table that you say to the press, I hope you use it as a chance to reflect your behavior."

Several councilors have said Tuesday they have been exceptionally public commentaries that have made Farkas in the past that "the integrity and reputation" of elected and non-elected officials, and the institution of the townhall.

Some council members have Farkas responsible for representing "misinformation" about councilors and city officials.

Others have appeared to be surprised at Farkas recent inconvenience to the practice of # 39; to give the city money to sell councilors to put on the purchase of a sign for their service.

In recent years, when selling gifts or watches, councilors were offered $ 500 controls for the purchase of their own service. Representative Ray Jones said Tuesday that the practice came to gold prize at the cost of rings in thousands of dollars.

"We were not to pay the ring, so we said that we were going to pay for a ring or a watch and it was on them, where they were chosen", Jones said, appended councilors to the municipal elections of 2017 with money for the purpose.

Coun. Jeff Davison said he was on Tuesday afternoon from the incomer's meeting, and as a result of the conversation of the theme.

"Perhaps he felt guilty, maybe he did not," said Davison after the natural debate. "The reality is that he opens the mouth with intent to make reputation damage and damage to this company, to the city, after administration, to the other 14 around the table.

"Enough is enough, I think that's what you have seen today."

Instead of trying on the battle of his colleague, Farkas said, "It's not about me."

"I do not make excuses to fight for the people I suggest," said Farkas.

"I will not get things done by someone."

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