Thursday , April 22 2021

Cabin expects at the conservative & # 39; half bucks & # 39; border plan

The immigration company Ahmed Hussen protects the Liberal approach of asylum seekers, seeking out the offering alternatives of conservatives are "half-baked" and unsavory.

As the stream of people move on to Canada beyond regular borders, Hussen has announced that the government is "normalizing" entry into Roxham Road in Quebec. He said the federal government was adopting a "prosperous" approach to financial security financing, aggressive approaches to correcting correct information, making investments to improve the adjudication process, and a national action plan to work with it. provinces and municipalities.

The Conservatives have said they would be crossing the border by closing a sluice loop in the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA), but not explaining how operation will work on the longest unfinished international border in & # 39; e world.

Hussen accuses the conservatives of failing to deliver concrete, laborious ideas.

"They have no plan, you know what their plan is, to militarize the border and to place an official officer or official officer of the CBSA all 100 meters," he said. "We have the means for that kind of semicircular, unpredictable plan."

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says the Conservatives are only planning to celebrate with refugees to militarize the border. 1:01

The STCA requests asylum seekers to prove it in the first secure country they enter, except if they qualify for an exception in an agreement.

The "wallet" of conservatives is clear that government is being used only for farms who do not attempt to land official landing licenses, by train or by air, so some in Canada go to outside official crossroads Canada is coming.

Conservative lost migraine leaves

The Conservative Party published the broad plans of its immigration plan in August, setting the stage for what was needed to be a whole national debate on the issue in & # 39; run from & # 39; federal elections of & # 39; a year count.

In that time, Conservative immigrant critic Michelle Rempel accused the Liberals of being "an immigrant" & # 39; as an auction & # 39; lie without guaranteeing that those who set it up in the country can find work here.

Hussen made its comments on an event for $ 18.4 million in funding for Canada's lectures and institutes to serve immigrants' services.

It is part of a $ 113 million package that Hussen has announced earlier this month to improve newbuilding support.

Colleges and Institutions Canada will provide online and individual services in India and the Philippines, including special programs for youth, LGBT and other groups. Hussen makes the announcement in Ottawa today and brings it live.

A news release from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said the finance statement was part of a renewed service-providing plan that would draw the new beginner's integration process and supply it to the national economy.

An internal evaluation of the in-depth control program released in April by all customer groups found the services found useful for knowledge of life in Canada, the Canadian labor market and how they recognized professional enrollments and how & # 39; t the culture from & # 39; standards.

Awareness mind

However, the evaluation also found most immigrants do not know about the programs.

"By getting clients for preaching services useful, the majority of new arrivals are unaware of their existence and storage remains low for non-refugee immigrants," the evaluation reads.

"An effective promotion of these services, in combination with the lack of a widespread strategy to provide service delivery and a lack of clarity in IRCC over roles and responsibilities for program delivery, has a failed opportunity for the department to positive influence more new revenue, and also to higher-than-expected per-client costs. "

In May, the IRCC began to advocate proposals, and 16 service providers were chosen to provide virtual and individual services for emergencies, including refugees, for the world before coming to Canada.

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