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Burns can see $ 80 as the summer as Hedge Funds separate from steam

Brent Crude and WTI Worry a five month high in & # 39; week in & # 39; e drawings of triviality and conflicts in wildcard OPEC producer Libya.

Brent Crude puts $ 71 and WTI Crude stood above the $ 64 bill in the middle of this week as delivery delays caused by devastating economic growth.

After the crash in Q4 2018, the oil prices have so far been in & # 39; e more than 30 percent.

But it is still room for oil and Brent could go as high as $ 80 a barrel of summer, based on geopolitical problems, OPEC and sides of & # 39; an allied, durable question, and non-double hedge fund, that says bulbs have room to add more positive positions in frenzy futures and options, according to a research note from RBC Capital Markets, which is not supported by CNBC calls it.

RBC strategists moved their prizes for oil prices for the average Brent and WTI prizes this year. Brent Crude is now in & # 39; the summer of & # 39; a previous slot from $ 69.50 into & # 39; a previous call of $ 69.50 while WTI is represented in & # 39; run from & # 39; a year $ 67 per bar, up to $ 61.30 in previous taxes.

According to RBC's experts, this summer could even save $ 80.

This is a threshold where oil-consuming countries like India look too high and these analysts say is the start of fatigue of question.

"We see that the prices are being risked asymmetrically to those around which geopolitically-engineered rallies are those that can protest the prices after-or-off towards our half-bulleted scenario, and the $ Try 80 / bbl market for these interesting periods, "CNBC calls the RBC note research written by strategists Michael Tran, Helima Croft, and Christopher Louney. Related: Soaring Permian Export to Chapel-Oil Rally

However, not all analysts believe that Brent has canceled $ 10 a barrel from current levels. Goldman Sachs, for example, is of the opinion that the rally has almost passed the course and that Brent is not likely to hit $ 80. Goldman has raised its average Brent Prize for Q2 to $ 72.50 from $ 65 a barrel, but expects to increase shale production and push OPEC to some of the & # 39; cuts in & # 39; to restore a second half of the year.

But RBC warns that we can see $ 80 burn this summer, at the back of geopolitically motivated oil rallies.

Several geopolitical factors in the coming months may result in higher oil prices than the current $ 71 a barrel burns.

First, the Union is announcing within a week whether it would expand the expectations of some Iranian oil breeders from Tehran's oil together. Analysts believe the bulk that exports the Irish language & # 39; Not happening early in May, when current ones were lost, because administration is ever decreasing, again, at least until some buyers, to raise oil (and gasoline) prices too high.

After that, the problem with the American withdrawal sanctions is & # 39; in Venezuela & # 39; an announcement of & # 39; a Latin war, which was plagued by sanctions and massive black words, and in March 289,000 bpd to 1 million bpd embedded to 732,000 bpd, according to OPEC's secondary sources.

The top of these geopolitical concerns is one of OPEC's most original maps in & # 39; Over the past few years, Libya, is once again referred to the eastern storm General Khalifa Haftar and its self-styled Libyan national archive (LNA) moves west into & # 39; a capital of Tripoli Libya forces from a UN-lowered government into a renewed confrontation that makes and defeats each, rebuilding Libya's oil production and exporting.

In addition to geopolitical fleeting options that may be more thrilling than OPEC's cuts, positioning the money managers in oil futures has shown that oil still has room, according to RBC. Related: BP Explains China's Shale Patch

"In short, there is room to go to the top that geopolitical hotspots are still a clear and current danger to the market, but remain a lot of wounds besides Q4's" 18 outbreaks, "the analysts of RBC.

The ratio of the turbines to the tourist means entered & # 39; A fall of 2018 at 13: 1 and in the last December is 8.5: 1, according to RBC.

In the week of April 2, the ratio of long to short statements expired in Brent and WTI up to 6.50 in 5.60 in & # 39; a week earlier, according to substitutions compiled by Reuters analyst John Kemp. To compare, last year in the middle of April, this ratio was 15.00: 1, while late September, for the past of Q4, the ratio was at 13.88: 1.

In addition to other factors that increase the oceanic price, the question is also being held, particularly in China, according to RBC and Goldman Sachs. However, RBC warns that the independent influence that China and India are growing on global global impetus can pose a risk to oil prices, economic growth material must be poor.

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