Sunday , May 16 2021

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE was full THE HARD in the first season Seis Trailer

It was a wheelchair ride then we almost lost Brooklyn Nine Nine Earlier this year, only to have it with surprisingly fast NBC. Since January, there are thirteen other episodes of 'show' and everybody can come in contact with their favorite gathering – and marvelously competent – police.

If there was no sharp frustration that the damage to NBC would change or destroy the show, the next season will have six trailers to restore such reasons:

That's less a trailer than a whole short, one that leaves Jake Peralta can be his dream to be John McClane on the annoying admiration of his college (he's even barfot!) . It's expensive, but poor, while not a big screen quality, it feels great that NBC is a bit worthwhile, which is good for the showdown of the show.

And, if you do not have the last, you can try it great!

As Holt says, Brooklyn Nine Nine will receive the National Broadcasting Corporation on January 10. Be there!

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