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Bonavista writer debuted novel & # 39; Snatched from Innocence & # 39; | To live



Lisa George says she always wrote a book, and after years of research and work, she selected a powerful topic for her debut novel – one she hopes abolish awareness and discussion about human trafficking.

The first author is dug in Port Union and lives and works in Bonavista as a practical force.

They told The Packet, they felt they finished, eventually ending what they always wanted.

"As a young girl I always have the desire to write a book," said George. "It was a great dream and I never really thought that I would do that."

In years to come she says, by various factors, she does not pursue her ambitions. Still, they felt so strong about the subject, it was about to write the novel.

"Snap of Innocence" is a book about a 12-year-old woman received and sold in trade.

"It's a fictional book, but the past is based on things that are in the world today," George explains.

She has spent a long time research on sexual action over five years in preparation for the novel and feels, by writing, will draw attention to such healing crimes.

"It's about a half-night nightmares of a parent and how to believe the difference in doing," she said.

In recent times, George himself was tough to present her character with such inconvenient circumstances, but says she would prefer to encourage readers to help in their communities to prevent these things.

"Hopefully they read that (they will) believe that the Lord will bring people out and help to win wounds," she said.

While writing sometimes it is difficult because of the seriousness of the subject, George says they were helped in other ways, such as their health work experience, that they have a realistic, medical performance for certain Aspects in the book.

"Snatched from Innocence" is published by Christian Faith Publishing from Pennsylvania.

George says they wrote her manuscript and they published and published the book for publication.

She says while her own beliefs are in her novel, she's just one theme in # 39; the novels deal with the main problem of sexual action.

"I'm very enthusiastic and happy they have (written)," said George. "I hope that life will be changed by this and will make people aware of the misdirection itself and the consequences of these victims."

She says she wants to know sexual assault victims that people are worried about her and help.

George is working on her next piece, which will be a sequel to this book. She tells them that when she gets the first novel, she quickly looks for the story to go.

If you want to read "Initiality of Insufficient", the book is available for Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Chapters Indigo and is soon released as an eBook on all downloadable sites like Kindle and Kobo.

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