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Bomb Squad on YYC – Canada News

The travelers were set up in Calgary, after receiving a condemned package on Sunday at Calgary International Airport.

The incident is believed to have been developed just after 5 o'clock. and Calgary police advised YYC to investigate.

"My son is in Calgary Airport in Mexico for more than two hours," said one Castanet News Reader. "The airport is closed by a malicious package."

People took to social media and said a team of bomb team was examined and people were still on aircraft.

"Always sit at the aircraft, without a word of 'airport', it would be tasty to get an update if we sit down to 3 hours, just sit here," said one person on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the airport said "the question in question is now being deleted by Calgary Police."

Just after 6p.m. The air base said they now have the permission of the police to conquer the area.

It is not clear at this time how many flights are involved.


December 9, 2018 / 11:39 | Story:

In Nova Scotia professor aims to make the ideal Christmas tree, within the only research laboratory of its kind in the world.

Dalhousie University's Raj Lada is the director of the Christmas Crop Research Center in Truro, United States, a unique laboratory that is designed to improve balsampepe of Christmas trees.

"We are the pioneers in the height of what we are doing," said Lada, a plant, tree and ecophysiologist professor in & nbsp; the Department of Plant, Food and Environmental Sciences.

The flag product of the center is the SMART balm, which suggests the powerful Christmas tree: arbitrary sound, dug and can store its blue-green needles up to three months.

Lada said that solutions to large-scale companies, such as needle hold, are critical for the survival of the multi-million dollar dollar christmas industry in the Atlantic Canal, such as competing with other brands and artificial trees.

His interest in Christmas tree was recorded more than a decade ago, when a manufacturer took him, after he was not paid for a ship to British Columbia because of the needle.

"I could see it in his eyes," he said. "The trees had lost their minds, but it was apparent that he had lost his life, as he has his business, his trust."

He started looking into a battle of # 39; the producer, research on transport processes and other factors that affect the trees in shipping.

Lada went to the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia.

"It seemed like this was a great problem all these years," he said.

At that time, there was no research on the physiology of post-harvesting needles in balsam trees. And so, Lada took it as his personal mission.

He brought producers from all over Canada to form the Atlantic Christmas research and development consortium, and examined priorities.

The producers concern number 1: needle preservation.

Eventually, Lada received a grant from Ottawa's Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency.

Under his latest research projects, the SMART tree, the Lada believe will represent the Christmas industry.

Lada and his team started by scratching bracelets for ideal features, including complete and the ability to maintain needles. Genetic markers for these tones were identified.

SMART trees are nowadays mass-produced products.

Lada expects the plant to start the coming year.

"They look great, smelly, and they will also have a higher haul head," said Lada. "No one will complain SMART trees."

The center has also developed and licensed advancement of police, which will be used with water.

Lada's team has also made techniques for shipping and storage that can help Christmas trees stay for at least two months fresh.

Lada's partners are provincial administrative departments in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

"This has not been coordinated in coordinated, concurrent manner in the past," he said. "The sector has managed the situation, but now we are solutions."

December 9, 2018 / 10:24 | Story:

The enforcement of a top Huawei director in Canada has denied the merger of a British colony to China.

The delegation led by B.C. President Doug Donaldson will no longer be in China, and will finish his trip after a visit to Japan.

The province states in a statement that the decision was made by the continuous judicial procedure that Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, which was arrested last week while the vans were vandalized in Vancouver.

The United States seeks to compel My to commemorate those who seek to escape US trade in Iran.

A brief hearing started in Vancouver on Friday, and Meng earned the weekend in prison before going further the next week.

The Chinese government can warn Canada that if My is not released, the country will say "serious consequences".


December 9, 2018 / 7:40 | Story:

Emad Mishko Tamo looks interesting on his bright green belt and tells how he goes to summer cycling adventures with other Yazidi refugees in his community.

For the 14-year-old boy, the bike for freedom, which was dropped only a few years ago and his family when they were taken by Iraqi militants and found four years.

Now, he is behind a move to bring new bikes to all Yazidi refugees in Winnipeg.

"I saw so many children they said they were told by ISIS that they were a lot of things," said Emad by translator Khalil Hesso, chairman of the Yazidi Association of Manitoba.

"Since then I told myself all the children I see, I will help."

Emad was happy with his family in an Iraqi village until the summer of 2014 when it was attacked by the Islamic state camps.

Emad was expelled from his mother, Nofa Mihlo Zaghla, when thousands of members of the Yesterday Corps Minority Party were required. His mother was kept imprisoned for two years, but, in an attack on conspiracy, she eventually escaped with her four children. She made her husband to Canada and settled in Winnipeg.

She thought her young son was dead.

But after a number of Yazidis were released in Mosul in 2017, a photo of a young boy who was in the fabric was sitting in the floor, sit in the foreground of a car.

It was Emad.

Action was quick enough to unify the teen with his surviving family in Winnipeg. When he came to his new home in a new land, he wanted a bicycle.

"Emad came from three years of home, he did not have anything like a bicycle or basketball or football club", Steve Maman, founder of the liberation of Christian and yazidi children of Iraq (CYCI), said in an interview of Montreal.

He was the one who donated the Emad engine.

"In him was a bicycle that he did not expect him to have lived in Kurdistan as a child. I could prevent me from getting a baby that would be a bicycle that is very important – a dream."

Emad and his family worked hard to make a living and happiness in Winnipeg, but there were still strides and worries in Iraq.

Emad's uncle, Hadji Tamo Rafo Zaghler, points to a wall in her apartment where the faces of 12 family members are placed on an poster. They include Emad's dad, who found Zaghler in a mass graves. They do not know what happened most of others.

When Maman and Emad came up in a phone call in the last summer he learned the bike. Maman knew how much it meant for the garden, so he offered to buy another. Emad stated that he wanted only one to find a way to get all Yazidi refugees in Winnipeg cycling.

"He wanted … help genocide victims to think of other kids who did not," said Maman. "It's impressive, I wanted to believe in him."

At first it was if it were a whole police officer to pull out, Maman, but soon started to fall down the things.

It was precisely the case that he was with Bryan Phillips, a car enthusiast of Terre Haute, Ind., Unanswered, that Maman's motermodel bought from an old, but comfortable – Bentley. While discussing the two cars, the aim was to get cycling for refugee children.

Phillips said he did not think twice that Bentley offered to buy a sale to Emad's dream.

Maman took the merit of # sales of & # 39; car and bought 100 bicycles to deliver bicycles to children in special Yazidi Eid celebrate this coming Friday.

Maman said it was important to Emad's desire to encourage him to help others and see if he could do anything.

As Emad and his nephew, dreaming of warmhearted Frisians, talking about a bike in the apartment, Hesso smile and says the bicycles meant everything for the children.

"The community of Yazidi, we do not want to forget."

December 9, 2018 / 7:16 | Story:

Toronto Police said that two brothers were arrested in death of a 14-year-old boy.

Researchers have said that the body of a boy was found in a park in Mississauga, Ont., On Friday a short while 8am.

The Regional Police of Peel has not released a cause of death, but identifies the boy as Riley Driver-Martin.

The police have announced Saturday that a suspect, 20-year-old Nikolaas Mahabir of Mississauga, was arrested and charged with second assassination in connection with the event.

She later speaks a second faith – Mahabir's brother, 20-year-old Mark Mahabir of Mississauga – was handed over to the police and was appointed in court on Sunday to tell the same charge.

Researchers did not say whether the suspects did not have a relationship with the boy.

December 8, 2018 / 3:06 pm | Story:

Critics of a prestigious high-tech neighborhood Toronto's Water Stream calls for more transparency in the decision-making process when offering concern about how businesses are dealing with privacy and data management.

At a public meeting on the project Saturday, Bianca Wylie, co-founder of Advocate Tech Reset Canada, would be worth the public for more in # 39; a loop came when a draft of the plan was completed.

"Can I just say that, like the audience, these strangers, these plans," she said in a question and answer.

In October 2017, Waterfront Toronto announced that Google Affiliate Sidewalk Labs has chosen to develop a high technical area for the emergence of 'Quayside' the east side of Toronto.

The updated design of the project, called Master Master Innovation and Development Plan, is expected to be submitted to the office and all three levels of government's residency in January 2019.

Arm Davis's weapon of Toronto, more detail, including data governance, will be included in mastermind, but said that the document should be approved by the organization and government before it is released.

"We do not want people to hope in what way is a dream," she said. "We will give the first assessment and feedback and then publish it."

The project, which is environmentally friendly design and innovative infrastructure, is fortified by questions about how data is collected, saved, accessible and protected since it was announced.

Critics have cladged that some details are shared on data management, and questions remain to circulate the privacy and ownership of intellectual property, even after Sidewalk Labs released their private proposal in October.

The proposal shows that Sidewalk Labs does not define the data they gather in public spaces. The company has stated that an independent organization is set up, the Civic Data Trust, the rules governing data use, but the plan does not reflect any intellectual property.

Several experts have been involved in consulting roles in the project based on these concerns, such as former privacy committee of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian and TechGirls Canada, Saadia Muzaffar.

The plan also received control of Ontario-General Bonnie Lysyk, who reported in its annual report that the cooperation between Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs was set up. The report, which released last week, also has an interest in the project to do extra studies to determine whether increased government tax is required.

Davis said the report was "constructive," the cooperation with Sidewalk Labs followed some 160-day process and was Waterfront Toronto's "second longest effort."

"It was not a busy process," she said.

At Saturday's meeting participants were counted on data collected by the project are not sold or used for advertising purposes.

The event did not provide any new information about the neighborhood, but there was a chance for the audience to give feedback in a series of discussions aimed at digital governance, transport, sustainability and affordable housing.

"What you see … is nothing like science fiction like Jetsons or a kind of dystopia or black mirror," said Jesse Shapins, director of public domain with Sidewalk Labs, at the start of the meeting.

"That's not what we are doing about what we want to do at Quayside."

At a roundtable on digital regulation, participants were asked to discuss whether they were included in scenarios where various types of data could be collected. The cases of information gathered are collected on how many people use a bicycle path or a parking place to tell "carriers" to guarantee the traffic laws.

Some users have to pay attention to police that they are accessible to, while others harm the language in the preceding examples.

Muzaffar, from TechGirls Canada, worried about what they had as a "hard" timeline for public education and public participation on the project.

Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs reiterated that there was nothing more good enough and that the feedback from the public was taken into account for the master design.

December 8, 2018 / 8:34 | Story:

The world-renowned cellphone Yo-Yo Ma has known that he will give a free concert in Montreal today today.

The Chinese-American Museum website says the concert at Metro Station Place-des-Arts will combine and negotiate in contemporary life.

A spokesperson for Montreal's transit agency says Ma will take the stage at 2 o'clock, followed by a multimedia presentation combining music, art and technology.

Philippe Dery says that the subway stations often mark great busy talent, but are not sure of any of Ma's.

The concert of 63-year-old self-knowledge is part of what's a website called "day of action" that subjects the topic of culture and its role in humanizing technology.

Dery says the concert will be free and will be streamed live on # 39; a transit agency.

December 8, 2018 / 7:26 | Story:

There was no winning ticket for the $ 60 million jackpot in # Friday's Lotto Max.

Mar 14 of 42 Maxmillion Prize of $ 1 million each have grown up for guests, were proven by label traders across the country.

The jackpot for the next Lotto Max drawing on December 14 will remain 60 million, but the Max Max Price will be 47.

December 8, 2018 / 7:23 | Story:

Shoppers Drug Mart has been given a license to sell online marijuana online.

Health Canada's list of authorized cannabis sellers and productions has been developed to reflect the pharmacy dry and fresh cannabis, such as plants, seed and oil.

A website is set up by the company, which says patients "with a valid medical document can be a short selection of medical cannabis products" by Shoppers.

The company was granted a medical marijuana production license in September, first requested in October 2016.

The shoppers say that it does not have an interest in producing medical cannons, but the permit is required to sell the product to patients.

Under the current regulation of Health Canada medical device, is the only legal distribution method via postdialoid of licensed products directly to patients.

December 7, 2018 / 3:27 hours | Story:

As details of US declaration against a Chinese director were Friday in a Vancouver court, the official minister-president Chrystia Freeland said that the ambassador of Canada in Beijing has the Chinese foreign ministry on their arrest.

Freeland says Ambassador John McCallum has assured the Chinese foreign human that the process will be followed in Canada and will be consular access to Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Technologies. She was arrested on Vancouver Airport on Saturday after a request from the United States.

Freeland refused to view details of the case, in order to understand the imperative of politics from a live court – one has obviously massive geopolitical mistakes.

The case will typically indicate the Trudeau government, which is designed to refuse to make Huawei products in the coming nineteen 5G telecommunications networks in Canada.

A Canadian prosecutor told a Vancouver court on Friday that the United States asked Canada to end Meng to have the UE the bad sanctions against Iran.

The paycheck against Meng came in a paid Vancouver Courthouse in #Herrying whether they were released before a remission process was. The Crown Advocate told the hearing that the Union Huawei Technologies subsidiary Skycom used to do business with Iran, seven opposites against that country.

Meng is charged with fraud by the US government, which can satisfy her from Canada to serve the cargo. The chronicle since Meng is said to say Huawei and Skycom and may believe in a director of an unnamed financial institution that is causing the institution to risk.

China's foreign ministers have urged Canada to open the reasons for the arrest and the Chinese embassy in Ottawa has its mischief or arrest of a minor offense of # 39; man.

Freeland highlighted his increased diplomatic status as former liberal cabinet minister, and characterized his conversation with the Chinese as positive.

"I did not speak directly to Chinese officials, but John McCallum, our ambassador to China – our half ambassador to China – has spoken with Chinese officials," Freeland said Friday in a television conference in Berlin. "And China has confirmed that the process is complete in Canada and consular access to China to Ms. Meng will be offered, and that we are a rule of law and we will follow on our laws, We have so far in this case, and so we'll continue. "

Freeland responds to what some minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that Meng's arrest was part of an independent legal process that is lacking in politics.

McCallum was clear that Chinese consular officials had access to My "just as we get consular access for free Canadians around the world, including in China."

Huawei has become the world's largest supplier of mobile phones by telephone and Internet companies. But the company has set out numerous indications that it is a spokesman of the Chinese military military services and security – a regulation that the firm believes strongly.

The Union has made a decision to use Huawei products among its allies, in particular the Network of five eyes, including Canada, Australia, Britain and New Zealand. In addition, New Zealand and Australia have banned the company of their 5G networks; Great Britain has made sure of interests and considered measures.

Draft this week about a possible Canadian ban on Huawei, Trudeau married that he would receive the advice of his intelligence agencies.

The new director of Canadian Security Intelligence Service lists questions about 5G technology in a major speech this week in which he has the threat of & nbsp; the national security of Canada has described "economic spying" of "hostile states".

David Vigneault has not mentioned Sine or Huawei in his speech, but he stated that "many of these leading dual-use technologies in nature have the ability to have an economic, security or military interest in a country."

"In particular, CSIS has a trend in state sponsored espionage in fields that are important for Canada's ability to build and maintain a vulnerable, knowledge-based economy," he adds. "I talk about areas such as A.I., quantum technology, 5G, biofarming and clean tech."

December 7, 2018 / 12:49 | Story:

A Winnipeg company expects a humorous attempt to divert parents from their children on their property to resign to a close school in the neighborhood.

The sign published outside the Parent Reitmeier Translation Services in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; was published in & nbsp; & nbsp; First, the words "This is not a drop-off zone" is written in a form of a stop sign reading a separate request read: "Children who will be here to eat."

A parent and the Louis Riel School Division complain about the language that the company promoted to know the word on Wednesday and the full question soon.

Jean-Pierre Parenty of experts from the company said that the sign was asked for years to ask parents to not use his private lot as a drop-off zone, near many close proximity accidents.

Parenty says he has since ordered a new sign to be a good neighbor.

He and officials of the school today are to meet today to find a solution to the release scheme.

"It's about transgression about my possession, and number 2 and the most important is the safety of children," said Parenty. "We see that children are threatened by this practice."

Christian Michalik, the chief of the school board, said he felt that Parenty sent the wrong message.

"In an ideal world this sign would not come up … we really want to screw up the owner to find solutions," he said.

December 7, 2018 / 10:32 | Story:

McGill University says that the coming months will decide what to do about his divisive Redmen names of sports teams.

The provost of 'university says a day in & # 39; the statement that he has received a report by a working group considering and practically accepting the university.

The report does not provide a definite recommendation to recreate the male teams, but says that the test would be the damage to a good name.

Provost Christopher Manfredi says the administration will seek more input in the coming weeks will make it a definite decision.

In a referendum in November was 79 percent of students in favor of the redemption of the name. The vote followed a campaign by indigenous staff and students to extinguish a name they called them.

The name Redmen comes from twenty years and is described as a tribute to # 39; a red uniform of the team. But in fifty years, men like women and female teams came out as & # 39; Indians & # 39; of & # 39; Squaws called, and later some teams used a stylized logo with an Indigenous man who has a leader.

"The principles identified by the report are first applied to demanding destruction of previous teams of men, the Redmen, a specialist specialist attention has been in the last several months, "said Manfredi.

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