Monday , August 8 2022

Blizzard plans to push mobile games seriously.


Diablo immortal debate: Blizzard's new president reacts

More mobile games for Blizzard Entertainment are becoming popular.

Blizzard Interactive is making mobile titles across all intellectual property rights, according to Allen Adham, owner of the company.

Other new mobile games have not been confirmed by Adham, but they have nodded that they are interested in making more mobile games. It even suggests that a project without notice is currently in production. "Eventually Diablo Immortal will accomplish it, and we think people will experience it, and I think they will like it." "In some cases, it will be a whole new game." This type of device is created by the need to attract new customers as the game becomes more popular. Diablo pre-registration immortal Can be used. Will Blizzard fall into the mysterious gameplay of the mobile game market? Last night, J Allen Brack, the new boss of Activision Blizzard's financial results for the third quarter of 2018 and the first call to co-founder Mike Morhaime as CEO, Diablo Experience "also helps to attract new audiences, but the company says" I had an interesting response " Immortal Public (via PC gamer). But Brack now thinks that the company can have both profit and excellent mobile gaming.

"It's easy to imagine someday in future games that are directly linked to cross-play and cross-program," he said.

Blizzard's idea of ​​moving to mobile is not too exotic.

Blizzard also knows that many people do not have PCs.

"We have been making games for nearly 30 years and have created that history on a variety of platforms," ​​says Adham. "We see this as a special platform in a different way."

It is not a secret that Blizzard wants to penetrate the massive mobile game market. Adham made it clear. Diablo Specifically, teams consist of multiple teams. Diablo stratagem.

As the debate continues Diablo Immortal, Blizzard Entertainment to fans Diablo Immortal It will be an exciting and authentic adventure.

"Diablo Immortal"It looks very good on mobile. Diablo In anticipation of Blizzard's announcement, fans were not too happy with the new mobile titles since the announcement. Diablo IV With a new game.

"Inside us, we reflect our own audience," Adham said.

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