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A new $ 10 bill to showcase Viola Desmond will be available next week | National News


A $ 10 bill with a portrait of Halifax – Viola Desmond is expected to circulate in a week 72 years after it was evacuated from a white private space in a movie theater in New Glasgow, New South Wales.

Citizenship pioneers and businessmen are Canadian women who first appeared on the historic north end of Halifax, one of Canada's oldest black communities, and in banknotes regularly circulated to show Desmond's first salon site.

Irvine Carvery, a prominent member of Northern Halifax and a former Board member of the Board of Education, said the bill included a black woman as a "historic moment" in the memo, delighted to pay tribute to her.

"It means that African Americans are recognized for their longstanding struggles over the years," he said.

"When she refused to give up her place in New Glasgow, it was the grand prize, so putting her on the bill is a recognition that that struggle is real and continues to this day."

Carvery (65) hopes to see a memorial marker at home, throwing stones at her childhood home in Desmond, north of Halifax.

November 8, 1946 – Nearly 10 years before Rosa Parks refused to abandon her separation bus in Alabama – Desmond was arrested and arrested by the police at the Roseland Theater and imprisoned for 12 hours in prison and fined Has been imposed.

It will take 63 years for Nova Scotia to demand a death apology and amnesty for the death of 1965.

Carvery added that the new legislation would encourage young girls to pursue dreams, fight against injustice, and believe that Desmond is going to raise awareness of who she is and what she accomplishes.

"I would like people to know what her story is about through the viola bill because there are still a lot of people who do not know who she is and her abbreviation."

"If we borrowed a $ 10 bill, who is that person? Let 's do a little research.

Desmond has taken the bill through a contest for the Canadian bank's website and public opinion polls.

The map on the back of Desmond's portrait includes a stretch of Gottingen Street, the main drag on the northern tip of the city, which eventually opened up a salon as part of a business to expand into its cosmetics and beauty salons. A mentor for black women across the country.

Her sister, Wanda Robson, said she had fought to overcome many of her career challenges when she could not study in Halifax because of her color, training as a hairdresser in Montreal, Atlantic City, New York. skin.

The bill was first announced by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz at a ceremony held at the Halifax Central Library on International Women's Day in Halifax on March 8.

At the time, the Bank of Canada said in a new banking document that the community in which Desmond lived and worked was "a valuable source of support while fighting for justice."

They said the $ 10 bill would be Canada's first vertical banknote, saying it would allow Desmond's more famous image and differentiate it from the current polymer bill.

The memo includes photographs of the Canadian Human Rights Museum, excerpts of the Canadian Human Rights and Freedoms Charter, and eagle feathers. The Bank of Canada "Continuously Travels Canada to Recognize Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms."

The new $ 10 bill has been a series of posthumous deeds in Desmond in recent years. In June, the Hollywood Hall of Fame in Canada was unveiled for her at the Halifax ferry terminal.

In 2016, following the online contest, the new Halifax harbor ferry in Desmond was selected.

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