Sunday , August 14 2022

& # 39; The Grinch & # 39; brings early support to the box office


Los Angeles ( – "The Grinch" proved that an animated family movie stole weekend box office from 4,141 to $ 66 million, so it is too early to support the holiday.

The illumination and universal adaptation of the Doctor Sous Holidays story is now the best starting point for Christmas movies. Fellow new products "Overlord" and "Girl on The Spider's Web" were not happy with their usual debut of $ 10 million and $ 8 million.

Benedict Cumberbatch screamed alive greenwood from "The Grinch". Dr. Illumination's latest Suse story "The Grinch" should benefit from the holiday corridor while announcing the start of "The Lorax" ($ 70 million).

The critics gave "Grinch" an average 55% rating for Rotten Tomatoes, but the second big screen adaptation, which attracted much attention, was not very helpful to the 1966 TV special audience and embraced the movie – CinemaScore. On weekends, 53% of women under the age of 12 and 29% were women.

Universal's domestic distributor, Jim Orr, nodded at Grinch's curious Snoopy advertising campaign for cynical humor.

"Our marketing was eye-catching and unique," Orr said. "It was intentional because we knew we had a great fortune." Newcomers "The Girl in the Spiderweb" and "Great Lord" did not surpass the "Bohemian Rhapsody" best. Fox's queen bio represents a $ 30.9 million second-year frame, a decline of only 41%. It makes the national total on Jan 10 just ashamed of $ 100 million.

Paramount's "Overlord", J.J. Abrams earned $ 10 million in 2,859 theaters and was ranked third.

I could not enjoy all the Yuletide joy at the ticket office. Fourth, Disney's "Nutcracker and the Four Areas" fell more than 50% to $ 5.6 million on the second weekend, bringing total domestic sales down to $ 35 million. The studio is running overseas to justify an expensive $ 125 million budget for family movies. Globally, "Nutcracker" earned $ 96.7 million, including $ 61.6 million from the international community.

On the other hand, "Girl on Spider Web" may not be in the top five without suffering a depreciation of about $ 50 million. On Sunday, Warner Bros. earned $ 8 million this weekend, saying, "The star was born on the sixth weekend." No final order will be determined until the official phone number arrives on Monday.

"Spider's Web" The debut is in line with studio expectations and far from the start of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" ($ 12.7 million), but the second movie in the Millennium series It does not look the same Bridge is David Fincher's original film. Fede Alvarez has set a budget of $ 43 million for "Spider Web". Produced by Columbia, MGM and New Regency, the film cost less to produce than "Dragon Tattoo", but during the holiday season, the movie was strong, with a huge $ 120 million in state and $ 230 million in revenues.

During the arthritis release, Hugh Jackman and Sony's "The Front Runner" started at four locations on Tuesday and received $ 76,000 Sunday.

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