Wednesday , June 16 2021

& # 39; Space Force & # 39; already making people remove Netflix for elevated prices

Steve Carell at The Office Steve Carell will start in Space Force | NBC

For the first time in two years, Netflix customers have to pay a higher price for popular streaming of all video streaming. The tax deduction means that customers have to pay an additional $ 1 to $ 2 a month, depending on their subscription.

Netprix's price increase can be a disappointing decision for some, but it is a necessary move. Netflix earned $ 13 billion in content creation and licenses last year, according to Forbes. With the video streaming service planning to bring their customers even more big TV shows and movies, it is surprising that they should slightly increase the prices.

Customers were annoying with Netflix rising prices, but & # 39; Space Force & # 39; helps

Although people are not satisfied with the prize-winning, Netflix has changed the stitch slightly by forgetting its customers, what kind of great content it can bring. With his latest series, Space Force, People have already begun to forgo Netflix for the recent price increase. So, what exactly is this new series about that makes fans so curious? Here are some details Space Force, and how & # 39; fans see the new show.

Netflix combines Trump and proven comedy

Space Force will include a comedy on President Trump's called proposed space program, also called Space Force. describes Trump's Space Force as an entity that won't focus on national security, and "" stores the satellites and bicycles that are dedicated to international communication and judgment. "

Netflix & # 39; s announcement of & # 39; s show Space Force describes it as a show for men and women that shouldn't figure out how to "deserve" satellites from attacks and perform other spatial commands … or whatever. " Just out of that brief description, it seems to be a show will make Trump's new proposal sound. And if we've learned one thing from decades & # 39; Saturday Night Live Skits, it's that we make Americans funny from a current affair of our political leaders.

Netflix's show is reminder of & # 39; It Bureau & # 39;

The maker of The office, Greg Daniels and the star fan The office, Steve Carell, who has recorded again to bring another show of course, is nothing of comedy gold. They will be both executives at the new show. Just because Daniels wasn't in front of the camera, he's still so well-known for his comedy quality as Carell. Daniels has worked on multiple comedies throughout the years, including Parks and Recreation, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, and Signed.

People are already in love with the show

Although it's not full, we still know about the show, like what the cast members or when the show ultimately leads, the little bit of information we & # 39; re knowing about the show is already enough to forgo Netflix for its recent price quotes.

As a response to & # 39; s announcement of Space Force, @RobinJOJO said: "I take my price to increase tweets … thank you Netflix."

She is not the only one returning her anger. @mechanitom said: "Dear Netflix, this is aimed at justifying your recent subscription buildings. Going by – Tom."

After responding to & # 39; tweet, @johngermany said: "I also started a GoFundMe for them, if you want to."

Although we are waiting for more details Space Force, Of course, it is clear that Solaris Netflix is ​​always making high-quality shows when it comes to switching, of course, about all the price increases you & # 39; expect in a future.

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