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& # 39; Fortnite & # 39; s & # 39; New Year's Eve certain players wounded by time zones

"Fortnite" is known for its special in-game events, many of which correspond to real world societies. Of course, the game has its own New Year's event, a full ball drop and fireworks for as the clock midnight beats.

But "Fortnite" has a global citizen base with over 200 million players worldwide; This means that players in different time zones see the new year in different times. "Fortnite" creator Epic Games came up with a simple solution, the ball of & # 39; New Years in & # 39; a "Fortnite" will be at & # 39; the top & # 39; invoke an hour to respond to midnight in all 24 time zones of any world.

Some players, however, played the first hours of New Year's Eve playing the "Fortnite", swallowing to find fireworks for strange time for their own time . When the ball falls into "Fortnite" players are forced to dance for a few seconds, making the moment impossible impossible. Many players went to social media to announce that "Fortnite's" new year party was gone.

A fair mistake to be sure, but the "Fortnite" community has recorded responses to the "Initial" event, which initiates an Epic Games response. Co-founder and Vice-President Mark Rein will often sing players that believe the event has been strange in failure.

"Is it that you do not really understand how time zones work or do you think you are the only seasons zone in any world?" Rein tweetde.

Epic spokesperson Nick Chester and Rein confirmed both letters that the event had to be recorded each hour to count each time zone.

Hopefully, the event will teach you how to view the "Fortnite" community, and keep in mind that the world is about & # 39; a sentence, not around them.

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