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What viruses currently exist? – Bulgaria


Respiratory diseases and cold allergies are just some of the problems we face when temperatures drop.

"There is no flu virus yet, but the virus is circulating in society, and when it gets cooler, some viruses change with other viruses." Dr. Gergana Nikolova, general practitioner in NOVA's "Wake up" People with lower respiratory tract infections have started to appear.

"In children, complaints are high fever, persistent cough, and persistent runny noses." Youth tend to turn to bronchiolites, and in some cases, admission is necessary. "

According to her, people suffer from more pain because they are under general stress, are not harmful to health, have no time for sports, and want to leave. It does not focus on eating fruits and vegetables.

Expectation Four influenza viruses to attack us. The new influenza strains are "Singapore" and "Colorado". Winter "Michigan" and "Phuket" already known last winter.

"High temperature, muscular pain, loss of strength. Very often it starts with a throat and a dry, unproductive cough." Professor Todor Kantardzhiev explains.

A virus is expected to dominate this season. They are more elderly, and complications are mainly lung infections. Influenza type B spreads mainly to young people, and infections often attack the nervous system.

The first case of influenza is likely to occur in Bulgaria in the second half of November. However, according to doctors, seasonal respiratory viruses, which have fewer symptoms and do not cause serious complications, are now circulating here.

"When it's colder, it reduces not only the blood vessels but also the lining of the nose, the protective forces are falling, so it is wrong to say" cold. "In fact, low temperatures are a prerequisite for viral or bacterial infections," Kantardzhiev Professor explained.

Unlike the flu, seasonal viruses usually have feet and rarely cause complications. In both cases, however, it is a good idea to take more vegetables and fruits and actively move daily to prevent infection.

Experts recommend risk groups. With the vaccination, the health authorities plan to provide free vaccinations to people over the age of 65. The doctor recalls. Self-treatment can be particularly dangerous if we are sick.

"Regarding pure virus infection, There is no antibiotic because 90% are flu. They not only help, but can also add anti-gastrointestinal stimulant symptoms. "

This was yesterday's major health inspectors. It was mentioned in an interview with FOCUS News Agency by Angel Kunchev. The practice of selling prescription-free antibiotics to him is a pharmacy-winning mechanism, but he should not sacrifice people.

"This year we can expect other seeds.Unlike before, the flu virus has caused an epidemic, and over the last few years B and A strains have been witnessed in parallel.Perhaps this also means that the three- "Dr. Kunchev explained.

Through him January is the culmination of the flu epidemic and anti-influenza drugs should be taken on time. Dr. Kunchef has a weak immune system and often advises people who are immunized. He explained that we need to explain it 2-3 weeks before the virus so that we can take the necessary action.

"It is very important that people who are not resistant and effective are accepted in time because they are the only means of the disease that has already been shown to them." It is effective to take antiviral drugs within 48 hours of starting illness. If you show all the symptoms and fall asleep in bed and try to take everything, you can not expect the effect to be good. " Explained Angel Kunchev.

WHO: You can kill without taking antibiotics.

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