Sunday , January 23 2022

What is the truth about BFU? Bobby Mihailov’s husband dropped out, there must be a run-off + AUDIO


Should there be a congressional hearing for the BFU? This is one of the most current topics in Bulgaria since yesterday, after Borislav Mihailov defeated Dimitar Berbatov dramatically as head of our football.

The former goalkeeper collected 241 votes out of a total of 483, but according to the team of the former English Premier League top scorer with the Manchester United team, 242 votes are needed for success.

There were 483 votes, 242 votes were needed, and they won by 241. We asked that, we tried to explain. I did not even understand what the host (probably Kamen Kostadinov) of the whole show program answered me. They turned it around according to a different formula, to the voters inside. At the moment we are not led by the Statute, this is not the right decision“were part of Berbatov’s words after counting the ballots.

But what is the truth? and Bulgaria ON AIR received a speech for the count. The audio clearly reads: “Let us say for the minutes and for the media that 242 delegates are the delegates who represent more than 50% and are required to take a decision after the inspection.“.

Berbatov has already stated that he will go to court, the intentions were confirmed by Stilian Petrov, who is also part of the team of the top scorer №1 in the history of the national team.

“There is a good chance that there will be a new congress. That will leave it to the lawyers. They are working hard,” Stanley told Diema Sport.


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