Friday , July 30 2021

Waiting for the PSG title, the "dogs" cry and sadness (VIDEO)

The second in "standings", Lille, loses the almost safe PSG champion 5-1 in & # 39; a 32nd round of the French League 1 and gave him a second loss for the season and replaced his festivals for the title. Parisians remain convinced with an advance of 17 points at the top and it's a matter of time to get the theory of & # 39; to guarantee a championship trophy.

Even the 7th minute Toma Muniy scored his own goal and gave the lead to the "dogs", but Juan Bernat (11) soon went to Kilian Mabé's assistance. Three wounded divisions were created in the first part – two in & # 39; guests & # 39; s and one in & # 39; s hosts. Tiago Silva and Múnier were wounded by the Parisians and were replaced by Keere and Diaby, and Gabriel left the hosts and Sulmahoro played for him. In the 36th minute, Bernat was sent with a straight red card and the guests played the meeting in a limited turn.

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After the break, Lille benefited from his numerical transition to & quot; pitch & quot; and beat the opponent. Nicholas Pepe (51) sent to Iconi 's pass, which was also Jonathan Bamba (65) assistant for a 3-1 draw. Dan Gabriel (71) and Joseph Fonte (84) score for Peppe.

With this category success, Lille won the second place with 64 points and is now 9 for the third Olympics (Lyon). PSG will remain the lead with 81 points.

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