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VMRO: We will be joined or remove "United Patriots" (Reaction Reaction)

Follow: Karakachanov would not be a prime minister. And now, if it is, to fight crime – it's the liver

Simeonov: Not decent – according to partners, but by the media. And the expressions are at the chitalic level


Over the past few months, the United Patriots (OP) coalition has been marked by scandals and interpersonal conflicts. That must stop. We have to deal with unity priorities and realize real results in governance, otherwise the existence of a coalition is unsuccessful.

So a call to their partners in the small coalition made IMRO in media post yesterday. The party wrote the administrative priorities to unite the entire patriotic association. (Who are they – see below, e.g.). After the adoption of its organizing council, IMRO asked for a discussion about it in both a small coalition and between it and GERB.

Only when these measures have been implemented will it be useful to remain in power. "Focus on topics that lead to the support of our voters. These are not the personal ambitions and ego-based camps between some or other political figures in the" VMRO ".

"I do not respond to VMRO, because without me there would be no 17 people in the OP, nor Karakachanov would be a prime minister," replied Ataka's leader and head of the OP Volen Siderov parliamentary group in 24 hours. And they wanted to: "Leave me, in the next 35 years, where & # 39; if I don't think I'll give you, the good order – not me, but IMRO react to me. Especially when I get my ideas off Repeat 2005. "

In addition to Siderov, there is interest in what prevents the powerful deputy prime minister Karakachanov from fighting against crime – industry and everything, after he was a powerful prime minister and with him the livers. "Changes in laws are made in the ministries of defense and home policy. Here's what is happening? Karakachanov, just that (Just it – from English, e.g.)"Siderov calls. (What did he say – see below.)

The other co-president of OP – the leader of the NFFS, Valery Simeonov, describes VMRO's "24 hours" as "extremely fake". First, to not talk to partners in any media, they are not even given media reports. And secondly, because there were expressions in the address that were shamed to comment, because "they are politically at the level of capital".

The parliamentary group of & # 39; e OP has another meeting for the beginning of & # 39; a plenary week not visited. Simeonov said that Siderov did not name him. And Ataka's leader blamed NPSB – he waited for them, and they didn't go.

What IMRO offers

against "gypsy"

and for tax purposes

– a community government program to promote ghettoisation;

– Government force "municipal service" and "airport maintenance";

– a single database of social benefits and the setting up of an aggregate maximum on an annual basis, strict control over abused social benefits, including offering them to the extent of socialization and literature;

– Reducing help for children of non-socialized groups;

– voluntary departments to the Interior Ministry for protection of public order;

– Directives to preach radical Islam;

– Senior institute, revision of invalidity pensions and old-age pension bills. Mediators of remedies to combat poverty;

– Distribution program for Bulgarian language, & # 39; a "St. Cyril and Methodius";

– Bulgarian passports for all Bulgarian ethnic origin without waiting, attacks and corruption programs. Development of a "Bulgarian Card" to govern and operate the right of residence in Bulgaria for our compatriots from & # 39; Program for their recurrence as demographic partner;

– Introduction of first military training;

– Better taxation for the empire, such as lucrative tax. Large landowners pay state tax.

The euro zone barrier is falling

5% or boycott, Siderov said

I'm no longer interested in this browser, but every candidate It should tell how many sections they create and whether they want to migrate

Djambazki had no day of work before leaving in Brussels. Saving half a million, he wants it again


The barrier to setting up an MEP, now 5.8%, is 5%.

Added an amendment and add-on to the election program "Attack" in & # 39; a National Assembly, has the leader of a party and co-chairman of & # 39; A parliamentary group of OP Volen Siderov announced "24 hours". The barrier of up to 5% is one of the three bad EU demands for keeping EP elections and Bulgaria does not like it, Siderov motives.

If the fall is not over, I will see to all small parties that the current issue is damaged, and I organize a boycott of the European elections, the head of Ataka has mentioned 24 hours. In & # 39; the first place to vote on these rules, he will draw "Will", "Generation", "Voice of People" and other small parties. "I will do my best to open and explain the eyes of Bulgarians with what the people we are sending to the European Parliament," said Siderov. He calls anyone who's a candidate for a MEP to sign a statement that he won't get 12,000 euros a month, and a salary like that of a member of the Bulgarian parliament, the difference in a fund for the treatment from sickness from one's eyes. In addition, Siderov asks nominees to explore the existence of how many genders they recognize and what their attitude towards migration is.

The current MEP reports how much salary you have saved and how much they have donated, Siderov said. And he plunged: "Djambazki declares half a million in his bills, and before being an MEP there is no day of work. Now he wants it again. And that day, migrants have come to vote and go free in Europe. lion to break this pact, I'm talking to the prime minister, Djembazki infects. "distortions" in the European parliament meant "yes". "

There is no question whether the list of OPs will be kept, if it was never set up if there was any single sheet. With these words, Siderov denied that he himself wanted a leader. "I asked the partners in eight months when we vote together, I stop to be important," he said.


already founded

for an MEP

The nomination of MEP and VMRO Angel Djambazki Vice-President for a new EP mandate has set up new intellectuals, public figures, associate professors, professors, and non-governmental organizations.

At a meeting in Sofia, she launched a civic unit for a patriotic guarantor, for her symbol she nominated the nominations. Among the participants were Andrey Slabakov, Prof. Hristo Smolenov and Gen. Radoslav Pesleevski. Academician Georgi Markov has donated.

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