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Vasko Vassilev: A concert in Bulgaria is a true inspiration. – curiosity


Bulgarian violinist Vasko Vassilev fascinated 14,000 people on this year's musical tour in Bulgaria.

Every concert by an artist is an unforgettable and exciting experience for anyone who loves great music.

Vasco Basilev
Vasco Basilev

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"A few months after a somewhat tough trial at the Royal Opera House,

The concert in Bulgaria was a real inspiration and a pleasure.,

Thanks to the audience who received us in a great way, "Vasko Vassilev said in an interview Sylvia Prievillovska For

The master inspired the Bulgarian audience with works by Piazzolla, Vivaldi, Morricone, Sting, AC / DC and Laura Pergolisi pop and rock hits, Astor Piazzolla's flamenco and Argentine tango.

Vasko Vassilev concert at the National Palace of Culture

"Everyone looks for the message of music, I am very grateful to hear what I hear every time I go out to the concert to experiment with my feelings and experiment with coming to me in the hall," says the Bulgarian musician.

A wandering musician who always goes back to Bulgaria

And it is precisely people, travel, and of course music that inspires him personally.

"It is impossible to imagine life without music", Says Vassilev.

In this video you can hear the amazing performances of Vasko Vasilev in Sofia.

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A world-renowned musician came back in 1708 with violinist Amaty and played with musicians from Argentina, Singapore, Spain and Bulgaria alongside soloist and guitarist Angel Dyulgerov of London's Royal Opera Orchestra.

David Garrett fascinated the Bulgarian audience with his talent (video)

Shortly after the concert in Sofia, the violinist flew to Tokyo for a week's rest. And continued to play music and concerts and master classes in Spain.

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Georgi Dimitrov /

"Interestingly, in fact, the best rest for me was to change the environment and the project, because I thought I was very tired in London, so later the concert was held and I was actually ready to take a break and take on a new adventure."

Ara Malikian: Bulgaria is a great country.

Over the years, Vasko Vassilev has performed in over 40 countries and is a musical legend for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Placido Domingo, Sting and Vanessa May. Vasco has traveled all over the world, but says he is the best in Bulgaria.

Vasko Vassilev was awarded a government scholarship at the age of 10, went to Moscow to attend the Moscow Conservatoire's Central Music School (for gifted children), followed by Plovdiv's Music, Dance and Art Academy. During this time he won the Jacques Tibo International Competition in London, Carl Flesh Paris. When Vasko Vassilev reached the age of 18, he won the Nicola Paganini Prize. That same year he went to England. In London, where he was awarded the Royal College of Music, he became the youngest concert master in the history of Royal Opera and regularly played solo.

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