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Manchester United made another legendary rebound in the Champions League with a 2-1 win against Juventus with Torino.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) allowed Hegemony in the 65th minute. But the Red Devil did not say their last words.

In the 86th minute, Juan Matta made a tie for the foul, and in the 90th minute the drama was completed. After scrambling, Paul Fogg had to get his goal for Alex Sandro. It was a big success for the whole team of United.

In the rankings, Juve stayed in the lead with nine points, but missed a good chance to get a place in the 1/8-finals tonight. United had 7 points, Valencia 5 points and Young Boys 1 point.

The two coaches walked 4-3-3. Max Allegre preferred right-back defender Matia De Shilio instead of Joao Cassello. Captain Giorgio Sielini has returned to the starting team. Juan Quadrado, Paulo Di Vala and big star Cristiano Ronaldo are on the offensive. Sami Kedera recovered for the first time in more than a month.

Alexis Sanchez is without Romulus Lukaku, the top priority of the attack for his guests. Next to it were Antoni Marciail and Jesse Linggard. Paul Pogba returned emotionally to Torino, and the Italian typhoon welcomed him. Nemanja Matič and André Herera ran beside him as a midfielder.

The game started quickly and Cristiano Ronaldo's two hits were blocked. The guests relied on the deep media and in the 10th minute Rodriguez Rean Karangur's shot did not get the ball after a goal. When Ronaldo played for an hour and a half, he made a new jump this time.

Then the two teams went out and the first more interesting situation came about 30 minutes after the game. Alexis Sanchez attempted a long-distance shoot until then, but did not find a comfortable position. In the 31st minute United were fired in front of the penalty area, but the Chilean star of the team aimed at the wall.

In the hands of David De Hea, Juve's lightning counters ended with the powerful ammunition of Sami Kedera. It was the biggest blow in the crash. Later, the goalkeeper of Spain also frustrated the land of Juan Quadrado.

In the 35th minute, Vim saved the "Red Devil". With one touch, Ronaldo met Kedera at Fading Point. The 2014 World Champion was fired without delay, but the right pillar helped De Hea look helpless. At the end of the half-time, Voicech Schesny showed that he did not fall asleep after saving Paul Pogba's weak but cunning disruption.

The second part passed to United. Antoni Marcial scored from the penalty spot, but his effort went wide. Juve immediately responded. Paulo Di Baya churned toward the border of the penalty area. But the cross pillars saved De Hea.

Hosts led in the 65th minute. Lonardo Bonucci led the Cristiano Ronaldo with a long pass through the textbook. He runs Chris Smilling and looks for a good volley! The goal was to inspire "Grandma" and the game is now in an indifferent style. A few seconds later, De Hea hit Miralem Pianich. In the 73rd minute, Quadrado found the Bosnian, but this time he did not knock.

However, Ronaldo found Quadrado in a speed attack, but he also deceived Colombia. In the 79th minute the visitors were able to recover the equalizer but Marcus Rashford's shot blinked in a dangerous area. United got a tie after 86 minutes of United's preliminary match.

The drama took 90 minutes and Muggle pulled Alex Sandro to his new goal in a new static position.

Juventus – Manchester United 1: 2

Goal scored 1: 0 Ronaldo (65), 1: 1 Matah (86), 1: 2 Sandro (90-AC)

Juventus : Ronaldo, Quadrado (90-Manjukic), Sandro, Pianic, Kedera (61-Matuidi), Bentankour, De Shilio (83-Bardzali)
coach : Max Allegri

Manchester United : (79-Matic), Ringgard (70-Rashford), Marshall, Sanchez
manager : Jose Mourinho

Torino, "Allianz Stadium"
judge : Ovidiu Alin Hategan (Romania)
Yellow cards: Sandro, Dibara (Juventus); Matthew, Hera, Marshall (United)

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