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Tsatsarov: As Peevsky gave me 100,000 euros, they did not reach me


Handball court Sotir Tsatsarov refused to get 100,000 leva month by Delyan Peevsky, or in media publications with a reference to a letter from banker Tsvetan Vassilev.

"If he gave 100,000 euros in the month, let me say that they did not reach me. No euro has reached me."- Tsatsarov told bTV, as an answer to a questionnaire.

Also in response to a play player, he did The Buro for the Office begins a research by the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov. According to the signal Goranov lives in a luxury apartment, which was awarded by an expert. According to the visitor, the apartment is 180m² and the purchase price according to the prices that are known on the complex itself, is just over 10 euro per square or more than 1,800 euros per month. For 6 years, that is over 250,000 euros.

The Chief Prosecutor made sure he did not know where the Minister of Finance lived, but the investigation would begin "tomorrow".

He commented on humiliatory measures, against Deputy former mayor of the Mladost transport of Sofia Desislava Ivancheva, in the 14 million leva research against members of the GIP Groep Group are large.
Opinion, Ivancheva was charged to gain from 56,000 euros.

Ivancheva: The arrest is much heavier than the prison itself

Ivancheva: The arrest is much heavier than the prison itself

Ivancheva and Petrova are discriminating

Tsatsarov has indicated that the revocation measures are visited by the court building, but are ordered by the court.

In his words, Creating hands on Ivancheva's donations is too much and is "a fully-fledged measure".

"The handcuffs are not made by the court, but by the Ministry of Justice," Tsatsarov said.
He assisted the Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva that he had informed about his position on the case.

According to him, the circumstances surrounding Ivancheva lived in the election, and then in # 39; Prison in Sliven, "did not deviate from those who lived another prospective woman".

Weather forecast the case of "Yulen" The Chief Prosecutor commented that he is shelf authorization "at least for damage to extra training, amount of this concession, consignment allowance, etc.". He presented the study to a signal by the political party of the Green Party and the Coalition "To Exit Nature in Bulgaria".

65.79 hectares of Pirinpark used the "Yulen"


65.79 hectares of Pirinpark used the "Yulen"

For more than eight years the Council of Ministers was aware that Rumyana Arnaudova commented

"As a result of this control, the Minister President and the Common Council of Ministers, in achieving the powers of the Bureau of the House of Legality Surveillance, a major- proposal, signed by me. In this proposal, we immediately set the Minister of Foreign Affairs to initiate the consensus for the first time to limit the actual execution of spending arrangements in line with the conciliation contract, limiting the concession area that the Yulene Concepts up to the amount that is under contract to bring the contract into line with the current provisions of the Co-Editor and especially protect the interests of # 39; the condition for conditions of payment. About the method of determining the consolidation fee for Yulen is a method in which a consignment fee for coal mining is also called, "Tsatsarov said.

In his words, the government has not done in relation to the proposal of the commandment.

"If there is a continuous toll of action in relation to this proposal, and it goes further, and the proposal has found a lot of time inactive, even on the background of a interesting fact – the owners of Yulen itself One point, although with a very short text, they have proposed, this will set the authentication in starting guidelines to limit all issues and legitimize them ", – said Sotir Tsatsarov.

"If there is no answer, other measures must be taken by the criminal law relating to a search for punishments," he said, that the current government is responsible.

Tsatsarov stated that does not feel a "civil citizen" of Borisov.

He the last refused, that the cases against Banev, Arabadzhievi and Mineu Staykov are pre-elections in line with the existing vote for the European Parliament and the choice of local authorities.

According to him, the cases when appropriate and the data are committed to the law, it is possible to introduce criminalist procedure.

Tsatsarov noted that For the first time he saw fit for development for a long time the DGCOC and the SANS.

"Why not make a mistake, someone else should answer." "The chief bells arose.

He rejected without verified authority.

"There is no accepting action that is not a matter of judicial control," Tsatsarov said.

"The bidder is not the main chapter, he would not himself be the chief captain, to lead to personal changes." – he thought.

"I am fully aware that the Executive Board has all hope, there is no headbird that can answer all that, there are offices, there is a court, there is a law that must be respected "- said Tsatsarov.

Authentication of Sotir Tsatsarov's activities is political formation

Authentication of Sotir Tsatsarov's activities is political formation

Europe to see what's going on in our legal system, is 5 formations

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