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Triumphant murderer, the person personally assassinated by lawyer Markovski in a police station, soccer in a village and is a freak of # 39; Freedom – Blitz


Just two years ago – November 26, 2016, drunk with 1.28 promulgated, drunk, without a book and expelled more than 100 km, killed three men at Lyaskovets. The tragedy shook the whole country because the criminal Bisser Arsov had escaped to the Netherlands and was declared a search, writes

Today he is 33, living in Varbitsa and even playing football in the local team. The case against him has been one year after the court, but has moved various reasons, and now the man would have a lawyer who is not known. Meanwhile, the family of # killed victims of justice!

Better was behind the Ford Mondeo airport in fatal night, and with him were 19-year-old son and 13-year-old boy. The three of them jumped out in favor of Petko Karavelovo in # 39; Saturday night and went to a disco in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Then, in fake Ford, Ford ordered three men and wounded three others in # 39; a brave drama.

Two days later, the participants decided in trafficking the police with false versions, and it was originally thought that the car had expired the 19-year car. However, Witnesses confirmed that behind the wheel Biser, that was drunk and likely enough and without a booklet. Arsov's office is already confronted for caring for a car after drinking alcohol. When the man was signed, they decided to go to Gorna Oryahovitsa to prevent police, but they were looking for people from another car to seek a catastrophe. Wyn decided to take the 19-year-old UA 24 hours.

The endless catastrophe left three families without men and fathers. The 37-year-old Mario Nachev of 50-year-old Nikolai Paralasov of D. Oryahovitsa and 41-year-old Tony Paunov from Gorna Oryahovitsa were overwhelmed and 55-year-old Dancho K. survived a miracle. Opel Corsa knew the ditch and the driver called his friends for help. A Lada Niva car with three people came. While the men are trying to attract the opium, they were flown by the Ford Mondeo, driving the rides and drove. Then came Arsov to ride more than 100 km.

In question, Bisser himself is also injured and is in a hospital. Because of this, he was not arrested and the law of justice introduced him a batch of $ 2,000 in cash. After leaving the hospital, Arsov went to work in the Netherlands. If the researchers look for him, he sees that he is not in our country and is classified with a state research. It has been since May 2017 months. He was taken to the police in Gorna Oryahovitsa, not by everyone, but by the prominent lawyer Marin Markovsky, then # 33 was then his defender.

Arsov was transferred to justified and retained at the request of the college. But the Court of Appeal then placed under house arrest. In protest of a measure he was re-recorded with a BGN 2000 warranty. This is the final measure of the removal of Biser Arsov.

The case is moved one year to the District Court and is moved. Now is now December 12, and family hope for remission of the last. They are only personal legal counselors and have no monetary issues against them, because today is a massage to pay the insurer!
The worst thing about this case is that Bisser Arsov has denied a corrupt act, is not guilty and the process goes on a regular way to verify witnesses. Will he also require a three-shot assault, as a noble is already in & # 39; e District Court? Or this time
will be fully justified.

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