Friday , January 27 2023

Tomtop Internet shops offer exciting electronics at a discounted price.


The electronics store Tomtop offers a very interesting electronic device at a very reasonable price. Electric bicycle, robot cleaner, fitness bracelet, headset, microSD card and TV attachments.

OneElectric bike XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z

The XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z folding electric bicycle is made of a rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy and can withstand up to 100 pounds. The maximum speed reaches 20 km / h and the mileage is up to 45 km. A 250W brushless motor and a 3-hour rechargeable 5.8A rechargeable battery are used. 1.8-inch display and LED headlamps.

  • electric bicycle XIAOMI QICYCLE TDR01Z You can purchase it here.
  • price : EUR 696.79
  • Only 20 items are available.

2Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Smart Home

The Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Smart Home vacuum cleaner can be cleaned in an automated mode and can collect pet hair on carpets and carpets. The robot can clean the floor, clean the carpet, clean the floor, without leaving the blind spot.

  • Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Smart Home You can purchase it here.
  • price : EUR 348.39
  • There are 100 available items.

3Xiaomi Fu Amiamatsu

Fitness bracelet (international version), heart rate measurement and physical activity monitoring. The battery lasts for 45 days in a single charge.

  • Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Fu Amiamatsu You can purchase it here.
  • Offer voucher: WD5059
  • Final price: € 47,90
  • 200 items are available.

4Samsung 3.5mm AKG Earphone

The original 3.5mm AKG earphone is easy to wear due to its ergonomic design. They provide high sound quality.

  • headphone Samsung 3.5mm AKG Earphone You can purchase it here.
  • discount coupon : WD5059
  • Final price: 4.78 euros

5Netac P500 Class 10

MicroSD memory card with 64GB capacity and 80MB / s data transfer rate. Waterproof, Class-10 data exchange devices are well suited for high-resolution photo and video recordings.

  • MicroSD Carat Netac P500 Class 10 You can purchase it here.
  • Electronic coupon code with discount: WD64G
  • price : 7.83 euros

6X96 Mini

TV tuner with Android 7.1.2 improves the performance of home TV and modern monitor, transforming it into a multimedia center by connecting the Internet.

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