Tuesday , June 22 2021

Tomislav Donchev revealed why GERB did not nominate him as Prime Minister

I was deputy for a few hours. This Parliament is strange. Looking at it yesterday, I think the mode is that all GERB representatives at the banks are nailed to insult. This was stated by the dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev in “This Saturday” on bTV.

“It looks like a lynching. Not to mention that there is a very strange form of local government. I did not get the word to present the recovery plan. Democracy is sometimes a procedure,” he added.

The ousted deputy prime minister also commented on the disgrace of one of the deputies of “There is such a people”, which Slavi Trifonov shared on Friday night after the plenary session.

“I heard insults from members of the majority to the cabinet. I will not replace the prime minister for the first time. I have replaced him for 50-60 days. If anyone needs to clarify the situation and explain the recovery plan, it is me. I have been working on this for 8 months. “The point was that Borissov was invited to the National Assembly and insulted. If anyone wanted to learn something about the plan, I would reply, “he added.

“The plan can be sent to the EC in this form, but I want it to be improved in the next two weeks. It’s been uploaded on the site, it has all the previous versions, as well as the latest. It’s difficult to compromise. “This is a mix of policies that allow Bulgaria to recapture and overtake the older and richer countries,” Donchev said.

“The situation has become a bit” why are you wearing a hat, why are you without a hat “. I heard that Donchev’s plan is rotten, corrupt and incompetent. Everyone had alternative plans. I have 10 days until the end of ‘ the deadline Is it right to introduce it? Give it to you. It depends on the current National Assembly whether we submit it. If I am instructed to submit it, I will implement Parliament’s decision. “If there are no such decisions, they will submit them. Bulgaria is in a unique position to change the government and the EU will give us a few months to submit a new plan,” the deputy prime minister added.

“Whether experience leads to sin – probably, but experience is not sin. It is possible to make mistakes. We will probably clarify the mistakes of GERB with your participation in the coming weeks. It is our duty to be better. Parliament has a new majority and “I agree with Radev that it consists of 4,5 and 6 political forces. Not to behave like the opposition, but to capture and govern, “Donchev said.

He wished great success to the Audit Committee.

“This commission will be political talks, reproaches and service of interests. We have seen it before,” he explained.

“The composition of this cabinet is a sign that the party is being renewed. Why not me, the time may not have come or it may pass,” he said.

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