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The sky is full of "million"! River Plate Overrides Copa Libertadores! – Football Association – Others

River Plate is the new Copa Libertadores winner! Marcello Gaillardo's "Millions" made an epochal turn of 0: 1 to 3: 1 against the eternal Boca Juniors final in the final game of the tournament played in Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

Thus, the river brings a 5: 3-shot, the fourth trophy to the most valuable class of Latin America.

River Plate - Boca Juniors, the famous rematch

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The two teams came to 90 minutes to defeat – 1: 1, and the conflict had to be decided after extra time to keep the hits in a strange field not taken into account. Boca with a 1-0 goal for Dario Benedetto in the 44th minute.

The river, however, returned to the match after he got into Lucas Prato in 68th and thus made a total score of 3: 3. Benedetto and Prato scored one point in the first game of La Bombonera, 2-2 in a month ago. The fact that two players of # two finalists scored one goal in both matches and the second time in # 39; history – for the last time in 1963

River Plate - Boca Juniors, the famous rematch

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In the 93rd minute, Boca Juniors was in the middle of the field, Wilmar Barrios, and sent his 10th card. This is something seriously influenced by the game of Genoese, which has begun a lot of its rival.

Everything is decided in the last ten minutes of the game. In the 109th minute, Juan Quintero Reserve scored a second goal for the river after a 20-meter spanking in # 39; the upper left corner of the service.

River Plate - Boca Juniors, the rematch in the final

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Gonzalo Martinez put his point in the spot in the 122th minute to # 39 the Boca wins the penalty area in # 39; the corner of the previous half-hearted songs.

The meeting was held on November 24 at Buenos Aires at El Novum, but it was extended two times by a raid on the Boca bus, full of championships. A few days later CONMEBOL and FIFA decided to hold the meeting in Madrid, at Estancia Santiago Bernabeu on December 9th.

River Plate - Boca Juniors, the famous rematch

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This is the second trophy of the Copa Libertadores tournament for Marcello Gaillardo with the river then in 2015. However, the legend Ramon Diaz has won 9 titles by the team.

The new liberators of Latin America!

Starting teams of both teams:

River Plate: Franco Armani, Gonzalo Montiel (Camilo Majdan 74), Jonathan Majdana, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco, Leonardo Ponsio (Juan Quintero 58), Gonzalo Martinez, Esequiel Palacios (Juan Alvarez 97), Enzo Perez, Ignacio Fernández 111) , Lucas Prato

Coach: Marcello Gaidardo

Boca Juniors: Esteban Andrade, Julio Bufarini (Carlos Tevez 111), Carlos Iskerdos, Lisandro Magallan, Lucas Olasa, Vilmar Barrios, Naitan Nandes, Pablo Perez, Christian Pavon, Sebastian Villa (Leonardo Hara 96), Dario Benedetto Ramon Abia 62 & # 39;)

Coach: Guyermo Baros It Skeleton

Chief judge: Andres Cunha (Uruguay)

Stadium: "Estandio Santiago Bernabeu", Madrid

In the last four hours we have to follow everything to Madrid:

0:30: Silent Night and New Meetings! River Plate is the Copa Libertadores for 2018!

0:20: The river party started for the third goal Martinez. The cup is in hand # 39; e "million".

0:05: END, END, END, END, END! RIVER PLAYET IS THE NEW LIBERTADORES COUPLE! Fourth trophy for the "million" after a big turn of 0: 1 to 3: 1 to Bernabeu against the great enemy Boca Juniors! Result 5: 3 and the title is for the river !!!!

0:03: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Gonzalo Martinez made the score 3: 1 in 122 and so could Copa Libertadores give his team!

23:57: Three minutes before the end, the river was near a new target when Julio Alvarez fired the border of the penalty area, but Andrade took the ball.

23:51: In the 111th minute, both teams ships. Bruno Zuculini replaced Ignacio Fernández in a river, and Carlos Tevez's legend instead of Julio Buffarini for Boca.

23:49: LOCAL LOCATION !!! Juan Quintero starring the plane to a project in the 109rd minute – 2: 1 for the river! Destructive goal of Columbus Kinter. After a corner kick in front of the goal, the ball went just over the bar. There, the Quintero Reserve also got a tight joke that did not lay Andrada's chances and put the ball in the top left corner for 2: 1! "The fourth" copper libertadores is the integer of the weapon of & # 39; the "million"!

23.45: Start the second sequel! River and Boca remain still known.

23:44: One of the first sequels, where the river tried many shots of a long distance, but the shackles were not enough! 1 – 1 for Santiago Bernabeu.

23:43: Minutes for the first expansion of 15 minutes!

23:40: In the thirtieth minute, Julien Alvarez did not have a good shot of # 39; to find the left and remove the truncheon.

23:36: In the 98th minute Juan Quintero tried a strong fight, but the ball went up to # 39; the stands behind Boca's door.

23:33: In the 96th minute, defender Leonardo Hara from Boca de Midfielder Sebastian Villa received. Minutes after this change was the river – Juan Alvarez appeared on the field at the expense of the unoccupied Esequiel Palacios.

23:30: Red Card! Just three minutes after the start of #Boca, he stayed with 10 people. For a second yellow card, the backside was Wilmar Barrios.

23:28: Start the first expansion of 15 minutes. Goals on a site do nothing. In other words, the river would be a champion (two goals from La Bombonera) and happy with the trophye.

23.26: ON THE REGULAR TIME! 1: 1 between River Plate and Boca Juniors in 90 minutes by Santiago Bernabeu – Total score 3: 3! The super-final is decided after two 15 minutes of extra time and ultimate penalty kicks.

23:23: The second part went into extra 3 minutes!

23:21: Such emotions lead the great match of Bernabeu. Dario Benedetto sees everything.

23:18: Lucas Prato party as Kilian Babe …

23:16: In the 89th minute, Skeloto decided to take his captain Pablo Peres, and in the game came the former Real Madrid player Fernando Gago.

23:10: The meeting can now be developed with many scenarios. In no-one zone!

23:00: In the 73rd minute River made a second shift – Midfielder Camilo Majdan appeared in the game, and the right hand was Gonzalo Montiel.

22.55: ГОООООООО !!! Lucas Prato throws new blood in # 39; the "million"! River increases the score in the 68th minute by his central strike – 1: 1! A great specialty is on the right side of the field. Ignacio Fernandez scored from the penalty spot. Things were going to get worse for the visitors. Prato was in a positive position for the penalty and received a superpass from Fernández's wing. From 10 to 11 meters, Prato has not been removed and included with a trusted fear of Andrade. Prato also scored a 2-2 character against La Bombonera in the first round.

22:53: 65 minutes into the game, Lucas Prato almost gave the visitors the lead, as he clipped a delicate lob over the keeper, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar. The war broke his head, but just in the hands of Andrade.

22:51: Dario Benedetto became the first player since 2010 – to Inter Milan player Juliano, scoring in both matches in the finalist Copa Libertadores. Destroyer!

22:50: In the 62th minute Boca was transferred to Boca. The hero Dario Benedetto came out playing and Ramon Abila appeared in the game.

22:47: 58 minutes into the first game. Leonardo Ponsio left the river and Juan Quintero came into play.

22:44: Boca's guardian, Esteban Andrada, was defeated after a strike with the Lucas Prato River.

[img wide]35337986[/img]

22:40: In 52 minutes, Real Madrid's new player Essekyel Palacios realizes a distance, but right in & # 39; the weapon of Andrada. More about superstart Esekyel Palacios can hear HEARE!

22:38: The second part started with two good odds for the river. Maidana runs with a head after a whole shot but out. In the 48th minute, Fernandez made a long distance away from a long distance, but the ball flickered like a projectile at the door of & # 39; the service.

22:35: After 15 minutes we are back! Start of the second part – Boca learns and reaches the trophy!

Finale tidpo en Madrid! Con del del @PipaBenedetto and 43 minutes, #Boca supera and river for 1 and 0 in the Estadio Bernabéu.

22:17: One of the first part! Boca leaves in the final with 1: 0, as the total result – 3: 2. The "seventh" for Boca is 45 minutes!

22:14: ГОООООО !!! KAqua Class of Benedetto! Dario Benedetto with a great goal in 44 minutes and Boca goes ahead in # 39; the score! A wonderful opposite of guests could be Boca Benedetto & # 39; s move forward, to overthrow a defender and to play a prestigious shot at Armani to avoid his team.

22:10: In the 40th minute of & # 39; The match was Viei on the right side of Boca's attack and focused on a close-up bar to Benedetto. Franco Armani, however, overtook the attacker, jumped on him and slammed the ball.

22:05: After 35 minutes both teams played at 0: 0. Two great opportunities for Boca to find the result.

22:00: VIDEO: Berniebe's Messi for the SuperFin

21:59: Few hours after the first half hour, Boca was close to the goal. Nadses & # 39; blocks of a direct free kick sent to a river diver. The ball came to Perez, who volunteered to write Armani, but a symbolic host of the army dropped a bit and could be Benedetto ' s remaining left to advance Boca.

21:53: In 23rd minute Iskerdos put his head to the door after a corner.

21:50: In 20 minutes, the river tried to answer. After a clever corner of the corner, the ball towards the rear of the criminal case, Ignacio Fernandez struck powerful, but he was in high position. out.

21:40: The first good chance was opened for Boca's team. After 10 minutes, a mistake by the home side's left defense allowed Óscar García to get through. Javier Pinolla, with all the strength to get the corner. The results were centrally found Pablo Peres only on a distant tree, the volunteer to write Armani's hands.

21:35: The superfine you do not want to have

21:30: Start of the meeting! It is the largest game in South American history. Monolithic is played in Europe.

21:09: When people separate them from different teams

21:02: The two teams are already up to the legendary "Bernabeu"

21:00: VIP guests from Santiago Bernabeu – Atletico Madrid and Juventus are also here …

20:59: Game plans for both teams:

20:45: Here is part of the Santiago Bernabeu atmosphere.

20:42: Kurdish asks everyone that the smile in the fall of Madrid has a few degrees warmth but only by the presence of 'two' teams of both teams.

20:33: The final teams of both teams came out!

20:30: Good evening! 1 hour after the big show! River against Boca in the final kickoff match of the Copa Libertadores tournament. The winner wants to live in heaven and the rescuer … in & # 39; e hel. Boca is the winner of 6 trials in the tournament, while the River 3.

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