Wednesday , May 12 2021

The scandal has grown: Three missions are libeled by the producers of "Stolen Life"! – Flash

The series "Stolen Life" has not one, but three misconceptions with money. As Blitz has already known, This is what Miss Summer 2013 warns Alina Duarte, who gets rid of her anger with a post on Facebook, he called Evtim – Lev Milishev and a crocodile.

"All his education plays in detail by collecting money from their actors and their states, which does not make you a signed contract and have an alphanumeric and compulsory fee, then money for them on the proposal that they tax pay, without pre-speaking. "

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In front of "Telegraph"They told her that she had paid her for her participation in the medical series, but three of her colleagues were not Miss Sofia 2018 Marina Georgieva, the top model Vivian Stephanie and a model and actress Anastasia Levodashka.

"Due to contract she had to send her money for a month, and four months had passed and the girls would look for her. It's about 150 people per person – not much money, but they have made it. We hit 7 hours in the morning, it was cold, and there was no catering"Be Alina, she was told that her scandalous publication was temporarily hidden, or she now hopes that the treasurer sells the money to the girls.

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According to the signed contracts, the fees are paid after the episode, and on Friday, December 7th, the end of the 6th season of "Stolen life". The production team has already been defeated during holidays and therefore nobody has ever been found to comment on the case and the woman when they get their money.

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