Saturday , October 1 2022

The registration agency's bonus was worth it.


The registration agency's bonus is eligible. This was understood by the words of Attorney General Tsetska Tsacheva. Additional reimbursement of more than 3000+ on BGN 700 will be distributed during the period when the commercial registrations managed by the institution are collapsed and this is blocking business in Bulgaria.

Tsacheva explained to bTV that despite the collapse, three other records managed by the agency were operational. The employees of the department "made an incredible effort" to catch up with work. Gabriela Kozareva, director of the agency, also did a lot of work after taking over the department at its most important time.


Vice President Cheney said there would be few penalties for the bonus payment, and Tibetan officials said the investigation would not compromise if the investigators find violations. However, this test focuses on whether the legal requirements for additional compensation are met. According to the chief executive officer of the agency, she applied the ordinance on the bonus of public officials.

"The Secretary-General said that everything is in conformity with the rules, there are provisions for the salaries of bonus officials in the wage fund if there is a saving, and the three other registrars of this agency have worked smoothly since the Agency restored its functionality. The registry has put a lot of effort into catching up with the delays, "Tsacheva said.

She explained that she did not know which agent in the agency had received the bonus, including how much money Gabriela Kozareva had received. A few days ago, Kozareva refused to show the bonus amount. According to Tsacheva, she has the right to hide the amount. Cozareva took over the agency at its most important time, and a lot of effort has been done, and most importantly, there was a delay in the filing process for the registration officer convention, which ran from March to mid summer. I was able to catch up with the team overtime and it was worth evaluating it. "

And if the bonus check is expected to be ready by early next week, the cause of the commercial registrant clash is still ongoing. "I hope the test will be completed by the end of the year," Tsacheva said.

President's criticism

The Justice Minister mentioned a national speech to President Lumenra Def on the anniversary of the 10th of November. Where the head of state again condemned corruption, freedom of speech, and the attempt to harm citizens in business.

Tsacheva condemned passage of legislation on economic interests. "There is a separate case to assume that there is a (lobbyist-bar) law, but it's an exaggeration to be transparent and stick to the label of the whole legislative activity," Tsacheva said.

According to her, Rumen Radev has "unilaterally" published facts in the country in his speech. "If I do not know who pronounced these words, I would have seen them as leaders of the opposition," she said.

Tsacheva also said that next week the EC expects to praise the efforts of institutions in our new report on cooperation and verification mechanisms.

Turk Vervani said he was discussing specific issues, including issuing Bulgarian origin certificates, in a press conference at the corruption scandal against foreign institutions. Often it can not be based on evidence, which is destroying the archives of neighboring countries.

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