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The number of acute respiratory illnesses in the area increased seven times a week.


November 11, 2018 | 12:07 | Focus News Agency

Photo: Information agency

Varna: Seven of the acute respiratory illnesses in the area increased within one week.Photo: FOCUS Intelligence Agency

Varna. The number of patients with acute respiratory illnesses in this area has increased sevenfold. This was announced. Focus Radio – Varna Regional Health Examination (RHI). From November 2nd to 8th, 198 people diagnosed with acute respiratory disease in cities and regions reported 26 epidemiologists in Jeonju. Most are affected by flu and viral infections between the ages of 5 and 14, followed by children under the age of four. Only four cases are 64 years old or older. Two people this week confirmed the diagnosis of influenza and 26 patients complained of flu and acute respiratory illness. Four were treated with bronchitis, and 22 were treated with pneumonia. Ten people are affected by airborne infections last week. According to the data, 27 people have varicella, viral meningitis and scarlet fever. Twenty-nine cases of gastrointestinal infection were recorded in the last 24 cases, and bowel infection represents 13 cases of enteritis, 2 cases of hepatitis, 1 case of rotavirus enteritis and 3 cases of colitis. RIS – Varna quickly notified that one person was bitten in ticks.

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