Tuesday , October 26 2021

The Mazda3 is beautiful, lies on a new platform and offers a revolutionary engine – Technology


The new model is a very important cyclist for Mazda, which is the first to use the new Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture platform and the new Skyactiv X motor . The latest despatch on Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition Technology (SCCI) combines the best features of gasoline and diesel engines.

From now on, the new 3rd is available in versions as the 5-door corner and the 4-string. The design is more evolutionary, but it definitely defines the model standard when it performs a number of elements of the Vision Coupe concept. The front has an aggressive kradiary gear and dark lighting lamps. The hatchback offers a very elegant silhouette to keep the bottom line elegantly down, with the crude integration in the hinder part. The other pole is the sedan, which provides sharp lines.

Unfortunately, the company simply ordered the introduction of a revolutionary SCCI, the # 39 at the beginning of & # 39; a year to test. It is only said that updated versions of the 1.5 – 2.0 and 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G motors are introduced into different brands. The updates contain changes in the injection camps and pistons that improve the fire economy and dynamics. In some markets, there will also be a 1.8-liter Skyactiv D-diesel with a reduced rate of use, which also uses the fuel. The units will be available with 6-manual and automatic transmissions.

Mazda Skyactive-X: The future of gasoline engine? (test drive)

There is also no detail on the four-speed version introduced for Mazda3.

The approach of designer to the interior is described as & # 39; The less is more & # 39 ;. This is an extreme minimalist dependency of the 3-spot locale and inboard in which an 8.8-inch declaration is created. There are several buttons below for the climate system system and some of the onboard system. The model stays on & # 39; the head of & # 39; e kop. Probably the super-dense A-pillars provide great visibility for the road.

The Mazda3 will make it easier for the drivers to put on a new technology for help. The Crash & Traffic Support (CTS) system adds a throttle assistant to the ability to check, break, and divert. The crusade warning in advance will help to shed light on "blind" crossings.

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