Thursday , January 20 2022

The "Ivancheva" megadeth is increasingly recorded


The "Ivancheva" Miracle is wounded. 7 months after the arrest, emphasized the defense that the institutions coordinated the former mayor of Mladost Desislava Ivancheva and their obligation Bilyana Petrova, NOVA.

The two were arrested in the center of Sofía, and subsequently to specification and outside. Ladies are kept in isolation under inhumane conditions and brought to depression.

They have denied the last and perhaps an attempt to manipulate public opinion.

"All human conditions – hygiene, food 3 times daily, bath and toilet, right to free medical and dental care and treatment are being offered," said Rossen Milotinov, head of regional service "execution of penalties".

In his words there are no complaints from others. And 107 the complaints since Dessislava Ivancheva and Bilyana Petrova are borrowed. They are charged with spying on athletes in large size and since April 17 in a hostage after a 5-hour constraint on a central metropolitan boulevard.

Milotinov denied the reward that was in every home in and out of the house the nocks were naked and searched. He explains that the search is carried out by individuals of the same sex with a metal detector, without prejudices from the personal dignity of & nbsp; the detainees. The detents are not relaxed.

The defense accuses Ivancheva and Petrova of extreme cruelty. Lawyers believe in a high spiritual state. Last week, the Specialized Criminal Court decided with her and decided to leave the former mayor of the Mladost district under house arrest. Earlier, the decision was withdrawn by the Court of Appel.

"It is a requirement for the occupying a medical examination to go less than once in a week," said Margarita Doychinova, head of Aresti in & nbsp; Execution of Punishments – Sofia.

Milotinov says that every week a menu for the residents is prepared, what is needed is meat, fish and desserts. The food is immediately delivered from the kitchen of & nbsp; the prison in Sofia. Stall or mushroom foods have not been done for findings.

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