Wednesday , October 27 2021

The Highest Appeal Court examined the Appeal Specula on behalf of Ivancheva and Bilyana Petrova


Desislava Ivancheva and Bilyana Petrova Photo: Desislava Kulleeva

The President of the General Court of # 39; The SCC was ordered by its order from 28.11.2018 to organize the activity of # Appeal to the Appeal Court (ACSV) in representatives of criminal offenses, inspired and treated in private complaints, respectively, private protestors, against the orders of the first incident, ordered by the Order of Art. 270, para. 1 of Code of Criminal Procedure at the request for measures taken against the protection of Desislava Ivancheva and Bilyana Petrova, known by the 'parsenter' of # 39; the court.

The check must identify: the number of objections in private criminal cases with the same defenders; the administration of the referential documents by the first instance in private cases, their admission to & # 39; e ACSV; record and supplements of cases; the election of the judge and the members of # 39; the panels; the announcements.

The commission stated that the inspection was assigned to a committee that consists of: Chairman: Galina Zaharova – Deputy Chairman of the General Court of # 39; the custody and head of the criminal case, and members: Kapka Kostova – chairman of the first criminalization, Galina Toneva – judge in & # 39; the second criminally divide.

The inspection must be carried out in the period 29.11.2018 – 05.12.2018 and by 10.12.2018 the commission should make a report on & # 39; the results.

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