Thursday , June 17 2021

The former: I know the truth about Mariana Popova and Georgi Parvanov – Curious – News about lifestyle, style, diets, fashion

"I know the truth about Mariana's relationship with former President Georgi Parvanov, and I'm fine with that, I have no more comment." With these words, Hannes Parfleur, the former singer-songwriter, Mariana Popova, explained that she was not in a relationship and after her according to her.

Under the presidential term of Georgi Parvanov, it was said that he and the singer are very close. Then they refused both the Romanians.

So far, the Mariana sommelier has already overcome and is again in love. He has a new Bulgarian girlfriend. "She is not known, she is called Janet Stoyanova and is one of" club owners, and it is very good that we are in a business. For a person who works differently, it is difficult to Understand all the hours that I work and the behavior that I have with the guests, the things that I have to do and be part of my work, "adds Hannes.

According to him, he and Mariana had a completely different character, and he had long fought for his relationship with subsists. "It didn't and I gave me, now I see that she is joy and happiness," said the expert. The common child of both, Mary Magdalene, does not learn about divorce, because there is time for both parents.

"I was working at Mariana to work in Saint Moritz, there was a Mitko Sabev professional, there & # 39; if we were friends and we are friends, he let me here and help me with the advice you & # 39; I tried to visit The first six months I was in Pomorie and Burgas, then I came to Sofia a meeting where & # 39; Mitko invited me and we sat next to Mariana and Orlin Goranov us in the house and they could quickly understand her, "says Hannes, who has decided for his love to stay.

"I've had enough here, I've worked in St. Moritz, but I got hard at it, and I found many popular people – Hugh Grant, for example, played snow and played at & # 39; ski level. Once I also bought it with sugar, I know Prince Albert, George Clooney, Prince Renier and many others, but here in Bulgaria I like it more and I will stay, "says Hannes Perfler to Bulgaria today.


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