Thursday , June 17 2021

The EU will review Google again – this time for AdSense

Bloomberg says the European Commissioner for the Accountant will protect a new Google Enhancement for the next one or two weeks.

The European Union is creating another anti-monopoly against Google, which will be the third time in the last two years. At this time, the penalty is related to the AdSense address of adsens. Bloomberg's publication diminishes the reason for the ongoing research being to maintain an anti-competitive policy of the Internet giant, that is, to restrict advertising.

Bloomberg calls its anonymous sources there according to the European Commissioner for Protection of Margrethe Vestagger's competition in & # 39; to announce a coming one or two weeks. The amount of "a friend is not yet known, but is judged to be much lower than the previous cases." According to Bloomberg's key analyst Aitor Ortiz, Google already supports the regulator and the necessary changes to AdSense have already been made.

Do not forget that in July 2018, the European Commission points to Google with a record $ 4.3 billion ($ 5 billion) for abuse of our branding and for installing businesses for applications and the search engine on mobile devices with it operating system Android system. One year ago, the Internet was spent at $ 2.4 billion ($ 2.7 billion) for defeating antitrust law.

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