Tuesday , May 30 2023

The EP demanded that Amazon stop selling the Soviet symbol.


Picture: ROYTERS

Since the MEP is an insult to the regime's victims, he urged Amazonian President Jeff Bezos to stop selling Soviet goods through his platform.

The BTA reported that the request for the wealthiest person in the world came after Wal-Mart, an American retailer, who promised to sniff clothes and snort related to similar complaints in September.

In the open letter, 27 MEPs from 13 countries asked the Amazon platform to stop trading raw materials depicting Soviet sickle and hammer symbols. The authors of the call mention t-shirts, carnival costumes, banners and souvenirs. The MEP pointed out that the Soviet regime had more than 60 million victims, and those who were deported to Siberian concentration camps were inhabited by inhuman living conditions, forced labor, hunger and physical violence, not exceeding 10 million.

Amazon sells red uniforms with sickle and hammer and Cyrillic character "USSR". Previously it was the same as that provided by Walmart.

MEP welcomes a decision by German sports producer Adidas in May to stop selling Soviet-style clothes.

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