Monday , October 26 2020

The duplicator of Vin Diesel suffered heavily, stopping the photo's of "Fast and Furious"

The photos of "movie Fast and Furious 9" that were held in London were stopped after a crash with Vin Diesel's double. Joe Watts has a big head trauma, dropped to almost 10 feet in the height of performing a cascade at & # 39; a set of & # 39; Warner Bros & # 39; studio's. Police and an ambulance were called to a place 53 km northwest of London's capital and Joe was brought to the Royal Hospital by helicopter.

On a plan, he had to jump from the balcony to one of the action scenes to the ribbon and then hang up on the security key on & # 39; to get a ground, but that doesn't happen. It is believed that the cascade broke its rope.

Screenshot: BBC News

Seconds after Watts falls, worries about his condition and tears in his eyes, actor Vin Diesel comes first.

Man's bride, Tilly Powell, told Facebook that her heart was broken.

"Joe has a serious headache and is in an artificial coma. He is stable and his condition will be mildly controlled. All night I love him so much. My heart is broken. My whole family and friends are next to him power to brew through! "she wrote.

Up until now, in the studio of the company in Lewsden, they have also been filmed in & # 39; a series for Harry Potter and James Bond.

Joe Watts, who also works as a teacher, also died in productions such as "Thrones Play", "Johnny English" and "Star Wars".

This is not the first time that the double-man of Vin Diesel has suffered an accident at star vision. In 2002, the 44-year-old stuntman Harry O & # 39; Connor dived & # 39; & # 39; a Three Hixs, and had to land on a submarine parachute, but instead a high-speed bridge.

Photo: The Sun Screenshot

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