Sunday , April 18 2021

Tesla starts delivering Model 3 to Europe

From the beginning of the month, Tesla has launched the launch of the European Model 3, Long Range Modification. The company only expects the permission of a Dutch Road Traffic Control Authority (RDW). As a result, Tesla sells its electric cars via Europe without obtaining the permission of an EU country. In fact, this is a formality, because at the beginning of January this year Tesla postponed Model 3 pre-sale in a number of European countries.

The European Model 3 debut comes at a critical time for Tesla. A few days ago, the company spent seven percent of cost-reducing jobs and at the same time cheaper production of & # 39; to increase an electric car. Tesla Chief Executive Officer Ilane Musk announced the redundancies by email to employees, and expressing hope that more expensive versions of Model 3 in Asia are delivering more profits. And sales of the sedan in Europe and China will help the company to compensate for the reduced rate coverage for the purchase of electrical appliances.

MSK also gave the importance of selling cheaper versions of model 3. With this electric car, Tesla can also expand its expansion to another brand. Last year, the company sold 138,000 electrical appliances in the United States and is now going to Europe.

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