Tuesday , September 27 2022

Soccer leaks as a revelation for the transfer from Neamar to PSG – Football World – France


Neimar's transfer to Paris Saint-Germain is a major theme in the latest "Football Leaks" revelation, one of the most expensive soccer players in Brazilian soccer history, but there are more puzzles in his transfer.

Don Saint-Germain activated Neimar on Aug. 3, 2017, after activating his release clause in an agreement with Barcelona. According to the official club, the club paid 222 million euros.

According to the findings of Football Leaks, Money Saint-Germain actually paid a total of 252 million euros prior to Neimar's.

The French paid 10.7 million euros for two Neimar agents. Neimar priest and Pini Zahavi received 10.7 million euros.

Paris Saint-Germain paid € 8.7 million for the Club Solidarity Fund, which Neamar formed as a player.

The total amount calculated by PSG on the Neamar transaction is EUR 252 million.

There was a serious difference between PSG and Zahavi on how the Neimar agent's fee should be paid. Pini Zahavi wanted to transfer the money to a foreign company in Malta, but the French club rejected it.

Zaghavi proposed that the commission pay a commission for a company in Cyprus called "Grebere", but considered it as suspicious and denied by Paris Saint-Germain.

Eventually, both sides agreed to pay money to an account in Israel.

"Football Leaks" claimed that Neamar's salary at the PSG was € 30 million per season, but the French club initially spent € 25 million.

Neamar will receive 375,000 euros if applauded by his fans.

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