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Six facts about the unusual great hospitable – Oumoumoua

On October 19, 2017, in a routine observation with the Pan-STARRS telescope, the interstellar object Oumoumoua. The impression of this event was the same as the eating of a free country unexpectedly. After talking to the guest, you can understand what the habits and culture of this country are without looking. This is an excellent opportunity, especially if you need hundreds of years for us, and perhaps thousands of years to go to the closest star with the help of today's rooms.

It is surprising that our first interactive guest was not too distant and in no way seems what we have seen. But until we find out how unusual this space object is, it loses it in the darkness of space, and we could not see again the alien features.

Here is the list of six unusual facts about Oumoumoua:

  1. Note that other planetary systems are re-launched by the Solar System, Pan-STARRS does not have to find a cosmic scale. The article published ten years ago, deserves many interactive asteroids, thousands of times smaller than Oumoumoua and is now a member of the unhealthy cost of asteroids. In other words, discovery of Oumoumoua means that the number of interactive objects is much larger than it should be. Each star of Milky Way, in its existence, must explain 1015 similar objects to obtain a sufficient population of asteroids and thus explain the discovery of Oumoumoua.
  2. Oumoumuna flew from a very specific point of space – from the point of kinematic local standard of rest (LSR). This is a point in & # 39; the neighborhood of & # 39; the sun where the speed of the heavenly body is equal to the average speed of & # 39; the stars in this region. This is, at this moment, move all surrounding stars. In order to just place it, from this point is the perfect coverage or camouflage, this is not a chance for concepts where Oumoumoua has arrived.
  3. Scientists believe that most rabies are derived from their homeland when they are on the outside of their planetary system. For example, in the oar cloud of our solar system, this is 100,000 times as large as the earth to & # 39; The sun has the gravitational force of the sun, which often influences it. For these objects, even very small speeds – in order of one kilometer per second – enough to flush into space. But while leaving these asteroids the speed of the star on LSR. That's when Oumoumuna was flown by a characteristic star, its speed should be high – as 20 km / s (average speed LSR). But this thesis does not apply to the cosmic guest
  4. We do not have photos of Oumoumuna, but its brightness caused by silver 10 times every eight hours, such as the rotation period for its own. This means that the asteroid has a long-lasting shape – its length is at least 5-10 times greater than the width. The analysis of his "acrobatic" movement, however, showed that his form was a pancake. All asteroids, even the most extreme, are assessed in human history, have a length / width of not more than three times.
  5. Spitzer Space Telescope has not been found in Oumoumuna's infrared traffic. Consider the temperature of its surface and the roadside of this asteroid in # 39; The sun can be said that its maximum size is 100 meters. Assuming this boundary is true, Oumoumuna must be illuminated with a reflection factor of at least 10 times, higher than the asteroid is the solar system.
  6. Oumoumou's trajectory rejected from & # 39; the expected, calculated based on the severity of & # 39; the sun. The scam is small – about two hundred percent, but statistically significant. This behavior is manifested by the comet, when the ice begins to rise on its surface by the heat of the sun and, with the evaporation, creates a scalp. But this would be a queer form, and nothing was wrong. The telescope of Spitzer has the total lack of carbon molecules or dust to see Oumoumoua, so it was clear that no gas stove remained. In addition, the queue changes the period of Oumoumou's rotation, but there were no changes.

This change in the bottom of Oumoumuna could not be completed by breaking a small portion of & # 39; an asteroid, like a single impulse, other than the continued continuous influence. In this case, there is only one possibility: the extra power comes from the & quot; the sun. For this damage should be the Oumamura should be darker than a millimeter, but not less than 20 meters in size. This is a sunscreen like the sunscreen of Japanese IKAROS mission.

Please note that this space object is artificial, there is no way we can not decide that this one is space later "in a bottle", The only thing that came to us after many years of searching for signals from alien civilizations. This sender has overcome the constant conflicts with interstellar atoms and dust as it travels through the galaxies.

Considering the possibility of Oumoumuna of an artificial origins, it is well worth noting what Sherlock Holmes says – if all the possibilities recorded are excluded, what remains, the truth is unbiased. The Kepler Space Telescope has shown that there are many stars in the Milky Way who have planets that are compared to Earth, with potentially flowing water on their surface and live as well we know. Therefore, it is the right to annul that there are many artificial objects in an interactive space – perhaps for intelligence purposes, perhaps some device snippets. But to control the artificial descent of Oumoumuna, more data is needed. Or, as Carl Sagan says,Additional ordinances require external evidence".

In fact, the problem of an artificial cosmic body that falls within the sun system. In order to achieve a comparable object of chance, it must be released into cosmos by the life of & nbsp; the famous star 1015 Sun Panels – that is one every 5 minutes. But this number of solar panels can be greatly reduced as objects such as Oumoumuna quickly fail to flee, but special orbit follow them in the center of planetary star systems like our sun system.

Oumoumuna moves too much, so our chemical-fuel floors can help with the graph of planets. But this rare asteroid will take thousands of years to leave the solar system, and we can try it with space, if we naturally develop the technology for faster space transport in the coming 10-20 years.

In addition, we can expect a new star guest. Over the coming years, the Great Synoptic Survey Telescope, which is very sensitive and can investigate objects like Oumoumoua, should work. It is expected that many similar objects will be found in the first year of his work. But if he does not find the others, we'll know that Oumoumoua is really special, and we have to take him and understand what he is harboring.

6 Unusual facts about the Interstellar Visitor – Oumuamua

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