Monday , October 26 2020

She explained a state of emergency in Rousse because of the African plague – Rousse

She explained a state of emergency in Rousse because of it African plague, said regional administration.

Continuous murder of bars in barns in Nikolovo

In connection with the explained primary events three outbreaks of African swine fever c the village Pet kladentsi, Byala Municipality and village Tsenovo, Municipality of Tsenovo, Rousse District (according to Order No. РД 11-1368 / 16 July 2019 of an executive director of the Bulgarian society for the control of bactical diseases) and in a pig farm in the village of Nikolovo, Rousse, Rousse (according to Order No. RD 11-1420 / July 20, 2019 by the NVS executive director), based on art. 50 (1) from a Disaster Protection Act and The contingent plan to combat infectious diseases in particular the district governor of Rousse district declared with its Order no. 0-95-00-510 / 23.07.2019 a state of need for the entire territory of the area.

BSAW Expert: It's not an African-American commercial meat (VIDEO)

Organizing the bodies of the ODS The general activity of co-ordination, interaction and implementation of activities related to animal euthanasia met by ASF.

The killing of 17,000 bars in Nikolovo began

The Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior – Rousse to organize the security of all entry / exit routes of populated areas, where registered outbreaks of ASF disease and the DDB are supported by informationand the presence of barns in & # 39; farming farmers in & # 39; districts in district Rousse.

New outbreak of African swine fever in Rousse

Fire authorities to provide assistance in settlements, where & # 39; t they are registered outbreaks of ASF disease, follow the instructions of the RDP.

A case of African pest in Ruse

The mayors of municipalities in the Rousse district will cooperate fully with the authorities in accordance with current legislation. In & # 39; run from & # 39; the actions, to use human resources and equipment of military formation 32420-Rousse.

State Improves Control for African Pest (OBZOR)

When performing the activities ebut all necessary measures are taken to protect the health and life of any participant, with the necessary instructions. Checking & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; will be personalized & quot; ends the order of & # 39; regional governor.

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