Sunday , June 13 2021

Rooney will have his favorite number in last England game.

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Manchester United striker and scorer king has won Legend 10 for England national team Wayne Rooney in the final match against the three year Lions team.

In 2016 he announced that he finished his career with 119 games and 53 hits. On Thursday, England will welcome the US team.

If the attacked player is on the reserve line and appears on the pitch, he will put the captain's bar. Before that, the English captain will be Fabian Delph. "I probably will not give it to myself because it is very likely not to reattach the tape, I will hold it," Delph told the press conference today.

"I did not want to make such a decision, and it was that I was talking to the players, and every player believes that Wayne will be very happy to wear the team 10, and we all admire him.

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