Monday , November 29 2021

Preslava takes a large sum of area. The body is illegal and will breast milk – Blitz


Preslava takes about a month to almost 2400 as mother. The singer receives a solid amount of status to raise her first daughter, Paola. The payer is offered by his employer "Payner" to the maximum amount of Bulgaria – BGN 2600 and now he has written 90% of the money, or just 2340 BGN, "Vikings".

Number, a good grandmother deserves strong earnings of points across the country, while believing in victory. Chalga Wild jumped out of # 39; the stage. And that is – she is the most ambitious star. The young mother knows the price, making them pound for each show 7, and a month at least 15-20 shines, produces 140,000 votes in 30 days.

A hefty percentage of cache goes to Payner's cashier, but it still has enough money to look good at the child. While the regular mothers take 300-400, the whole year will take 2400. In parallel with this – it will be a hook, which is not particularly legal.

The publication taught that Preslava did not want to play Paola to break her breasts. She needs pills to stop stop and eat the baby with dry milk.

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