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Political BSP sends a signal to the anti-corruption committee for the apartments of three deputies of GERB


Desislava Atanasova

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Desislava Atanasova

If one of my colleagues from BSP has a record, a photo, all the material I've ever had in my life and have an apartment in Tsarsko Selo complex, I write in A post, I am ready to resume at the moment. This was what GERB MP Desislava Atanasova said after the judicial committee stated that the controversial corruption and treaty of the unfinished ownership (CPONPI) media publications for their apartment, and also of the # 39; the GERB deputy Delyan Dobrev, Krasimir Velchev and the former MP of the ruling party Anton Todorov.

"I expect the same of Philip Popov, Cornelia Ninova and all the importers of this signal," said Atanasova.

Instead of a logo, one of the websites that "the news " of # 39; and has revealed the following inscription: "News of false news and absolute discoveries … Do not believe that is not true …" "If their reliable information is like false news stories, very unhappy," said Atanasova. She thinks this is a low and very simple behavior.

"Of course, BSP is a source of false news, after we have to comment on this," added Atanasova, adding that he would expect the CPCNPP with a great deal of care.

The document Desislava Atanasova asked the Dossier Commission.

The document Desislava Atanasova asked the Dossier Commission.

According to the publications, Desislava Atanasova, Anton Todorov, Delyan Dobrev and Krassimir Velchev apartments have made them unprofitable or bought cheaply. Atanasova had an apartment in the main complex "Tsarsko Selo". Delyan Dobrev had an apartment that he received as a "donation," Krassimir Velchev used a property without her and Anton Todorov used without a small apartment. The last three properties were in the same building, where the financial minister Vladislav Goranov really lives without a grant.

According to the site, Atanasova, Dobrev and Velchev are connected to State Security. Desislava Atanasova has shown a document of 'Commission' on the files that the following 1973, like her, did not say that they were employees of # 39; State Security.

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