Wednesday , August 4 2021

Police Ninova denied responsibility for the outcome of European elections

Ninova refuses to take responsibility for the outcome of European elections

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BSP Leader Kornelia Ninova refuses to take responsibility for the result of upcoming European elections in May, after the National Council BSP re-organizes the candidate's submission to the proposed agency.

"A few times at the last meetings of the national lawyer are expecting me to take responsibility for this list and for these elections I should return it when we lose This is the case until deciding on a national council that I respect "From now on, the national council is responsible for the election results, and I wish you success and I'm sure of victory," she told her counterpart, seen by the press center.

This morning, Ninova offered a list of & # 39; & # 39; a leader of & # 39; a party of & # 39; a European socialist, a former leader of Bulgaria's Socialist Party and prime minister of & # 39; A state, and also current MEP Sergei Stanishev was not present, though he was nominated by at least 80% of local organizations. Instead, the project was surprisingly included in the name of the head of President Rumen Radev Ivo Hristov's cabinet, which & # 39; a so-called civil quota is.

This promoted Stanishev to tell the media that the BSP is starting to be a leading party such as GERB and the list was a gift to Boyko Borisov's party.

"After nine debates, we chose our list for European elections, and I hope we have alarms and announcements that we are a dictatorial and unanimous party," Ninova replied.

Presented by the PressBuro BSP, she said: "We can win this election and I'm sure we want to."

For her project earlier in one day, Ninova was actively and unexpectedly critical of his main political opponent – GERB member Boyko Borisov. After his service, he surprisingly found that Stanishev was "a designer designer" who, in his words, showed that "the BSP has nothing to do with the European socialists". "We have in Bulgaria a higher position in the world – Sergei Stanishev, the leader of PES – the left Manfred Weber." Not including him in the list shows that our opponents have nothing to do with the European socialists – this will be the interpretation outside, Borisov.

He described the list of candidates who filed Ninova with the words "State Security Spy – State Security", but regulated the influence of Russia on the BSP leader, and left the inversion of "& # 39; wants to sacrifice "Moscow.

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